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Freak Nation

In more news interviews, it is revealed that even more bystanders hate transgenics. What a shocker. Sketchy stands up and creeps over to ask Max if he can have an exclusive interview with her about her life as a transgenic. Max disgustedly refuses. Mole walks by. OC begs Gem to tell her that Mole isn't her "baby daddy." Gem reveals that the father of her baby is another X5, her breeding partner. OC doesn't think that sounds very romantic. Gem admits that it wasn't. What in the hell was that about? I don't know.

Outside, Clemente waves a bus into position and then calls Max to tell her that her transportation has arrived. He tells her to send out the hostages. Max hangs up and turns, yelling, "It's on." White tells Otto to get their people into position. Police snipers head up to the roof across the street. Government snipers take positions a floor below. Logan walks through the crowd outside the building. Alec opens the door partway. Max peers out and then talks to Logan via cell phone to ask how things look. Logan characterizes the situation as "dicey," because there are snipers on the roof and the bus door is "on the exposed side." He advises Max to "use the messengers as shields." Max doesn't look happy about that. Max hollers out to Clemente that she needs the snipers on the roof to pull back or the deal is off. Clemente orders the snipers on the roof down, and they retreat. The government guys stay put, but Logan hasn't spotted them yet. Logan tells Max that the snipers are gone, and Max hollers that the first group is coming out. Max gathers together a bunch of messengers and sends them out the door. They get outside and run towards Clemente. Once they are clear, Clemente yells that the keys are in the bus, so now it's Max's move. Max tells everyone that the snipers won't shoot because they have "a kid and a pregnant girl," and the snipers don't know which ones are transgenics and which ones aren't. Mole points out that in some cases, it's fairly obvious, and he grabs Normal to shield him. OC points out that the cops saw Max surfing in, and she stands in front of Max to serve as her shield. CeCe points out that they don't know she's a transgenic, so OC tells her to help shield Max. Joshua grabs Sketchy to serve as his shield. Does Alec get a shield, or serve as a shield? That's the important question here.

White tells his snipers to wait for his command (although the closed captioning said, "Anytime.") The hostage/transgenic group inches out of the building. Normal has the most hilarious look on his face. Okay, I guess he can be on the spin-off too. Logan notices White and Otto standing nearby in the crowd, looking up. He glances around to figure out what they're looking at, and notices the muzzles of the government snipers' guns sticking out of the windows. White orders the snipers to take the shot. Logan pulls out a gun and calls for Max, then uses his new super-legs to jump on top of a police car. A sniper shoots CeCe just as Max turns around to head back into the building. Logan jumps sideways and fires at the snipers while flying through the air. Hee! Logan looked funny flying through the air. He's definitely not making the spin-off. The hostage/transgenic group runs back inside. Mole fires a few shots for cover while Max grabs CeCe and drags her back inside. Clemente orders his snipers to cease fire, unaware that his snipers aren't the ones shooting. Logan and Mole continue to fire at the snipers until everyone is inside. Logan runs into Jam Pony HQ, and they close the door behind him. Max and Alec drag CeCe further in. Max asks if anyone else was hit, and finds out that no one was. Logan takes CeCe's pulse and then shakes his head, indicating that she's dead as a doornail. Max looks "sad."

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