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Freak Nation

Mole orders all of the hostages onto the floor. OC realizes that they killed CeCe. Max asks OC to take care of Gem, who's having the longest active labor ever. Joshua wonders why this happened, because they followed the cops' orders. Mole blames Max for trusting the cops. Logan says that it's White's fault. Joshua is pissed to hear that White is out there. Max realizes that White just wanted to "escalate the situation." Mole yells that it doesn't matter who did what, because everyone wants them dead. Then Mole grabs Sketchy and drags him off to the side. Max asks what he's doing. Mole says that until they get safe passage, he's going to kill one hostage per hour. Logan orders Mole to let Sketchy go. Mole growls that he doesn't take orders from humans. Max says that he does take orders from her. Mole says he doesn't. Logan says that White wants them to start shooting people, because it will just confirm to the public that transgenics are murderers. Mole yells, "Shut up! You're not one of us!" I think Mole can be on the spin-off too. Logan says that he's not, but he's there with them. Max announces that if they don't stick together, they won't make it out alive. Mole releases Sketchy, but says that if the cops enter the building, he's going to start taking hostages out. Mole stomps away and tells Joshua to follow him. Joshua stares at Max, who is sad that Joshua is thinking for himself and not following her every order. Joshua walks off, following Mole. Sketchy thanks Max for saving him.

Outside, White approaches Clemente, who is pissed. White says that Clemente's snipers got carried away. White hands Clemente a fax from the governor's office that gives White "overriding jurisdiction." Clemente crumples the fax. White says that his tactical team is going to take over, and Clemente needs to stay out of his way. Clemente says, "And I only have three more days until retirement. I don't need this shit."

Max and Logan lay CeCe out on a table and cover her face. Logan tells Max that it wasn't her fault. Max says that it's all her fault, because she let the transgenics loose in the world, and there's no place for them anywhere. Logan starts singing "Somewhere" from West Side Story. Okay, not really. Logan says, "You gave them freedom, Max. The thing about freedom, it's never free." Oh, who writes this crap? That is the worst line ever. How did Michael Weatherly deliver that with a straight face?

Time passes. OC is telling Gem to push. Normal overhears and walks over, telling OC that she's doing it all wrong, and Gem shouldn't be pushing at all. Normal tells Gem to relax and breathe. Normal peeks under Gem's skirt and tells her that she's fully dilated, so it won't be long now. OC asks how Normal knows about this. Normal says that his father was a dairy farmer, so he knows his way around the inside of a heifer. Shut up, Normal. Max walks over, and Gem says that she needs a weapon. Max tells her that she's out of the fight. Gem insists that she and her baby are getting out of there alive. Max promises that if Gem concentrates on having the baby, Max will make sure they survive.

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