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Freak Nation

Sigh. More citizens proclaim on the news that the transgenics are evil, terrible, inhuman monsters. Dear James: We get it. WE! GET! IT! Love, the world.

The Phalanx pulls up in a van. Lita walks up to White, who calls Clemente to say that he's inserting his team now. Clemente reluctantly agrees. Otto walks over and asks what's going on. White says that this team is on loan from another agency. Otto protests, but White says that Otto isn't "cleared for this op." He orders Otto to "walk away; do it now." Otto does. White tells Lita to look at the bystanders. As White and Lita walk towards the building, White says that when they carry Max out in a body bag, the bystanders will be clapping and cheering. White concludes, "They'll never know she's their only hope."

Max walks up to Logan and Joshua and announces that White wants her, so she's going out there. Logan refuses to allow that. Max says that White wants this thing to end as badly as possible, and she's not going to let that happen. Logan decides that now would be a good time to share his translation of the runes on Max's body. And he didn't tell her this before because…? Logan doesn't have the exact translation, but it goes a little something like this: "When the shroud of death covers the face of the earth, the one whose power is hidden will deliver the helpless." Max asks what that means. Logan says that something bad, "biblically bad," is going to happen. OC adds that Max is the one who will stop it. Mole walks over and says that if all this is true, maybe Max should go out there. Max is fast and has a chance at making it, and White might leave the rest of them alone. Logan disagrees. Mole says that they're out of options. Logan and Mole continue to argue, but the words go all slow motion to indicate how overwhelmed Max is with this new information. Max turns, and there's a focus pull in on her face. She turns and says, "They're coming." Max tells everyone to get upstairs, and orders Joshua to carry Gem.

Meanwhile, the Phalanx members and White walk out of the mist. White reminds Lita that the target is Max. Lita asks about the hostages. White tells her to take out as many hostages as possible, and then they'll blame the transgenics for the deaths. Lita nods, and then scales the wall.

Inside, the transgenics and the hostages reach the second floor. Max orders Joshua, Normal, and OC to take Gem behind the desk. Gem is trying not to make any noise, but she's in labor and all. Downstairs, a door blows open and a goon bursts in, followed by White. They shoot at Mole and Alec, who retreat up the stairs. Mole indicates to Max via sign language that he's out of ammo, and Alec indicates that he doesn't have much ammo left either. Max tells them to wait for her signal. Just then, the Phalanx members descend from the ceiling without ropes or anything. It was really cool. That's the one cool shot that I'll give James Cameron props for. Gem tries not to scream. Max uses hand signals to give orders to Mole, Joshua, Alec, and Logan. One Phalanx member walks over to the door to the stairs and unlocks it, letting White in. The squad members sweep the area with the lights on the end of their guns. And then there's a really weird commercial break, as if James Cameron isn't used to television so he wasn't quite sure about where to put it.

When we return, it's still the same scene: Phalanx members searching, Gem laboring, everyone else hiding. The music is very tense, but there's actually very little tension in the scene. You know Gem and the baby won't die. You know none of the regulars will die, because this isn't that kind of show. Suddenly, Max, Alec, and Mole swing down from their hiding places up in the rafters, and the fighting begins. Joshua nips out from his hiding place and joins in. Logan pops up from behind a filing cabinet and shoots a Phalanx member, looking kind of stunned that he managed to do it. Mole shoots at White, who runs across the room and dives behind some shelves. Alec gets his ass kicked by a chick. Joshua tosses a guy through a table. Max and Lita square off and start fighting. Mole beats the crap out of White. What happened to White's fighting abilities? Lita tosses Max through a window, and then jumps off the desk and performs a hurricanerana on Max. Joshua starts tossing people around like rag dolls. Logan goes through a window. Lita does another hurricanerana. Logan gets punched in the face over and over until Joshua comes to his rescue. Normal puts his head underneath Gem's skirt and announces that it's time to push now. Lita bounces off a bar and clotheslines Max; then she does a lionsault on Max. White has recovered his fighting abilities, and kicks Mole around. Joshua runs up and realizes that White is the one who killed Annie, and he goes berserk. Alec is still getting his ass kicked by a chick. He gets tossed through a window. How many windows are there in this place?

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