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Freak Nation

Normal is still under Gem's skirt, and I feel like I've seen a little too much of Gem's thighs in this episode. Lita does more wrestling moves to Max. Alec's fighting partner picks up a wood beam, but just then Logan walks up and kicks her through yet another window and into the room where Gem is laboring. Gem reaches over and punches her in the face. OC sits on her while Dalton handcuffs her. Max manages to get one side of a pair of handcuffs on Lita's wrist. Max holds onto the other side; she runs up a wall and flips behind Lita, then swings Lita around a post. Max handcuffs Lita to the post. Meanwhile, Joshua is still beating the crap out of White. I like angry growling Joshua better than regular Joshua. Logan helps Alec up, and they cuff the various Phalanx members lying on the ground. Max spots Joshua bending White over his knee and preparing to snap White's spine. Max tells Joshua not to do it, but Joshua thinks White deserves to die. Max agrees, but says that if Joshua kills him, everyone will remember how a transgenic killed a human. Joshua considers, then releases White. Max makes a smart remark that is too stupid to repeat here.

Max walks into the office area to see that Gem has delivered her baby. Gem announces that the baby doesn't have a bar code. Max announces that the baby is free, but Mole says that she isn't yet. Max looks around, "concerned."

Logan, dressed in Phalanx gear, walks out of the building and orders everyone to get back. Various other members of the gang, disguised in Phalanx gear, lead the transgenics out in handcuffs. Logan tells Clemente that White wants his people in there to secure the crime scene. The "captives" are put into two vans. Sketchy drives one van while Logan drives the other. Sketchy wonders where they're going, and OC tells him to just drive. Clemente and his officers run towards the building.

Max announces that they are clear, and everyone cheers. Logan tells Alec that the chick was kicking his ass. Shut up, Logan. If it weren't for Joshua, you'd be dead right now too. Max tells Logan to head for Terminal City. Is it a good idea for the humans in the group to go to Terminal City?

Clemente walks in and finds Bitchy Pigtail and Normal waiting. They tell him that they're fine, but he should go upstairs. Clemente and his officers head upstairs, where they find the Phalanx members, stripped down and handcuffed. Clemente chuckles and greets White, who mumbles angrily through his gag. Clemente promises to go after the escaped transgenics.

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