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At Crash, Sketchy tells Mia that he doesn't plan on being a bike messenger for the rest of his life. Mia thinks it's good to have goals. Sketchy confesses that he dropped off a resume at the Weekly World News, and shows Mia an article about the genetic freaks running loose in their city, telling her that some of them can mess with your mind. Mia thinks it sounds far-fetched, and twinkles, and Sketchy agrees with her. Mia supports him on his job hunt.

Alec orders a drink. Mia walks up and tells him that he probably shouldn't drink on the night before his fight. She twinkles, and Alec agrees. Mia says that she's going to stake him five grand, and then tells him that he should probably go home and rest up for his big fight. Alec agrees and leaves. On the way out, he passes Logan coming down the stairs and they look at each other uncomfortably, probably semi-remembering their hug, but not really.

Max and OC are playing pool when Logan walks up. OC excuses herself. Max says that she saw the Eyes Only transmission, and Logan says that he didn't come to talk shop. He wanted to see her. Max asks how Logan was able to flip Dougie. Logan didn't. Max wonders how he knew who the Sparacino boss was. Logan doesn't. Max asks why he said that he did in his transmission, since he just tipped off the person he is trying to catch. Logan says that he thought Max wasn't interested in this case. Max isn't. Logan wonders why she's asking so many questions, then. Mia walks up and twinkles at them, reminding them that they love each other and they shouldn't fight, then walks away. Logan says that Mia is nice, although there's something about her. Max agrees, but feels that she knows Mia from somewhere, although she can't remember where she met her. OC walks up and sighs, asking if she should go powder her nose again or something. Max flashes back to Mia telling her to remember to powder her nose. Max tells Logan that she met Mia when she was dining with the Sparacino family. The memory isn't entirely clear. Max says that it isn't a coincidence that Mia was looking for a job at Jam Pony. OC, Max, and Logan all turn to see Mia walking out the door.

Mia gets out of a cab and walks into a warehouse. Max pulls up on her motorcycle, following her. Inside the building, Mia gets into a car with Dougie. He's asleep. She wakes him up. Dougie is freaking out about Eyes Only's transmission, worried that he's been caught. Mia hands him a paper bag to prevent him from hyperventilating. Mia says that "the life" isn't for him. Dougie says that he needs to do something, and he's having bad thoughts. Mia assures him that everything will be okay. Dougie says the only way that everything will be okay is if Eyes Only "shuts his trap." Max spies on them and hears Mia saying that she's got Eyes Only under control, and asking Dougie for the money. Dougie hands over the cash and says that he can't believe that a girl like Mia could love him. Mia tells him to believe it, and reminds him to bring his boss to the fight hall. Dougie pulls away. Max looks around for Mia, only to have Mia jump down from a ledge above her and knock her to the floor. Max's beeper falls to the side.

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Dark Angel




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