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Max flips Mia onto her back and says that Mia is from Manticore. Mia admits that she is Psy-Ops. Max asks what Mia's connection is to Dougie. Mia doesn't think that's Max's business. Max shoves Mia up against a wall. Mia says that she's got to help Dougie prove his loyalty or he'll die. She plans to give Dougie a hot tip on the fight, so that they can win a lot of money and run away together. Max can't believe that Mia is in love with Dougie. Mia says that she is. Max says that Dougie is going to finger the boss for Eyes Only. Mia tells Max that she won't even remember the conversation.

The next morning, Max walks into Jam Pony HQ and greets Mia cheerfully. Mia asks what happened to Max's eye, and says that it "must have hurt like the dickens." Max says that she has no idea how it happened. Mia suggests that she slipped in the shower and banged her head on the shampoo caddy. Max agrees that it happened exactly that way; she promises to be more careful, and rushes off.

Mia walks up and hands Alec a wad of cash. He asks where she got the cash, and Mia tells him not to ask. He agrees quickly. She reminds him that the fight starts at 8 PM, and runs off.

Dougie and the other wiseguys talk to their boss, who is in shadows. Dougie tells the boss to bet on Alec and then "let it ride the rest of the night," and he will make a couple of million dollars. The boss likes the idea of a sure thing, and then asks them about Eyes Only, claiming that his employees are disrespecting him. The wiseguys claim to know nothing about that. Dougie reassures the boss that this is a sure thing. The boss threatens Dougie, and they all leave.

Logan walks up to Max at Jam Pony HQ. Logan says that he was worried about Max and he's been paging her since last night. Max says that the batteries in her pager must be dead. She goes to grab her pager, and it's not there, so she concludes that she must have lost it. Logan asks her how things went last night. Max doesn't know what he's talking about. Logan reminds her that she followed Mia. Max doesn't remember. Logan asks what happened to her eye. Max repeats the story about slipping in the shower, and then has a flashback to her fight with Mia. Max realizes that Mia caused her black eye. Logan asks Max what she's talking about. Max says that Mia is from Manticore, in the Psy-Ops division. Max reveals that Mia met with Dougie, and is up to something.

In the background, Normal hands a pair of embroidered shorts to Alec that say "Monty Cora." Max overhears and asks Alec why he's fighting again, since the last time he fought, White caught him and threw him in a cage. Alec says he's wondering why he's doing it too. Max and Logan look at each other and realize that Mia is behind it.

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Dark Angel




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