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Cut to a boxing ring surrounded by a cage. It's more like Ultimate Fighting than boxing. Logan and Max walk in and see the Sparacino family seated at one of the tables. The current fight ends, and the announcer introduces Alec as Monty Cora. Alec's shorts seem like they are pulled up way too high, but Normal assures him that the shorts look great. Max wonders what Alec is thinking.

The bell rings and the fight begins. Alec knocks his opponent out with one punch. The Sparacino folks are happy. Normal places a bet on Monty Cora. Dougie tells Mia that Alec is fantastic. Mia smiles and tells Dougie to get back over to the Sparacino family table. Max walks up and asks Mia to give her one good reason why Max shouldn't kick her ass. Mia twinkles at Max.

In the ring, Alec knocks out his next opponent. Normal places another bet. Alec knocks out another opponent. Normal picks up his money. A montage of Alec knocking out various opponents follows. Normal and the Sparacino family members look happy.

Max walks up to the bar where Logan is seated and asks for a drink. Logan asks if she is okay. Max says that she thinks Mia "put the whammy" on her again, because she has no idea what they just talked about. Logan takes out an earpiece and announces that he does. Max forgot that she was wired. Logan announces Mia's plan to get Dougie back in the boss's good graces by helping him win money on Alec's fights. Once Dougie has his boss's trust and a lot of money, he'll split town. Max realizes that the only chance they have of finding the boss is if Alec loses. At the same time, Max and Logan both announce that they are going to call Matt Sung and tell him to get his men over there to arrest the boss.

Max sneaks up to the ring and tells Alec that he has to take a dive in the next fight. Alec won't. Max explains that Mia is fixing the fights so that "a bunch of mobsters will make a killing on [Alec]." Alec doesn't see why that's a bad thing. Max explains that Eyes Only has been tracking this family for months, and if Alec doesn't throw the fight, the Sparacino family boss will get off scot-free. Alec says that it's not his problem and turns to face his next opponent, whom he beats handily.

Normal tells Alec that he's up $122,000. The announcer starts to say that Alec is the new undefeated champion. Max calls out, "Not so fast," and hops into the ring, declaring that she will take Alec on. Dun dun!

The announcer says that they have a new challenger. Alec asks Max what she's doing. Max says that if Alec won't take a dive, Max will have to beat him herself. The announcer calls Max "The Curvaceous Killer." The Sparacino family members check out the odds and decide to place all of the boss's money on Alec. Normal also places his bet. Mia convinces a bunch of people to let her to the front of the line.

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Dark Angel




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