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Back in the ring, the announcer rattles off the rules while Alec says that Max doesn't want to fight him. Max says that she's been waiting for this chance for months. Before the bell rings, Max decks Alec. The announcer scampers out of the ring and yells for someone to ring the bell. Max punches Alec and announces what each blow is for (the virus, getting paint on her papers, making Joshua deliver packages) while Alec claims that he wasn't responsible for each of those things. Normal yells for Alec to kick her ass. Alec makes a comeback, and Max falls to the mat. Alec calls Max a bitch. Max tells Alec that the ring girl just lost her top, and he should check it out. Alec doesn't buy it…except that then he tries to sneak a glance over his shoulder. While he's off guard, Max winds up and kicks him in the nuts. Man, that's a low blow. Both literally and figuratively. Everyone in the crowd winces. Max shoves Alec over, and he falls to the mat in the fetal position. The bell rings, and Max is crowned the winner. Logan walks by the ring with Matt Sung and his goons close behind.

Mia looks around and starts to run over to Dougie. Max stops her and tells her that she's not going to "work a little mojo on Dougie." Tony tells Dougie that it's time to "take a little ride." Logan arrives and points out the Sparacino family to Matt Sung, who flashes his badge. Tony insists that Dougie has nothing to say. Logan tells Dougie that he's in big trouble and is going to end up "wearing cement shoes." One of the wiseguys laughs and asks who talks like that. Tony urges Dougie to leave with them. Matt Sung says that they are ready to take Dougie into protective custody, and Logan reminds him that he won't get an offer like that from the boss, so he should give up the boss's name. Logan urges Dougie to point a finger. Dougie points out a guy dressed as a woman at another table. The guy tries to run away, but is quickly surrounded by cops. Mia tells Max that she never liked the boss much anyway. Matt Sung reads the boss his rights and cuffs him.

Later, Logan and Max talk to Mia and Dougie. Logan realizes that Mia wanted Dougie to flip the whole time. Mia claims that she knew that Dougie needed to be pushed into doing the right thing, and that Max and Logan would show up with the cops. The announcer walks over and hands Mia a bagful of money. Max asks if Mia bet on her. Mia did, because "girls kick ass." Logan asks Mia why she didn't use her powers to get Dougie to do what she wanted. Dougie is dead asleep next to her. Mia says that her powers don't work on Dougie, and she thinks it's because of his narcolepsy. Logan realizes that she likes the fact that Dougie isn't wrapped around her finger. Mia replies, "What fun is being in love if everything is easy?" Normal shows up with Alec, who is in great pain. Normal asks Max what she is. Mia twinkles at Normal to forget everything he saw tonight and go home to bed. Mia hands Alec a stack of money. Normal drags Alec off. Mia tells Dougie that it's time to leave for Maui. She walks up and kisses Logan's cheek, and tells him that he's a "beautiful, talented man." She also feels that Max is "a rocking, awesome chick." Mia knows that things aren't great right now, but that they are perfect for each other and will have a beautiful life together. Mia walks off with Dougie. Max comments that she can't be mad at Mia, because Logan got his collar. And Mia got her man too. They walk off together.

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