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Harbor Lights

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Harbor Lights

At home, Max picks up the phone, then puts it back down. She picks it up again and dials. Cut to Logan's apartment. Logan is in the background, doing crunches, and he lets the answering machine pick up. He stops and turns his head when he hears Max's voice on the machine, but doesn't pick up. Max says sadly that she hasn't heard from him in a while and wanted to see what he was doing. After the message ends, Logan returns to his crunches. Max hangs up the phone.

OC asks Max if things are still weird with Logan. OC posits that Logan is still upset about the whole twelve-hour-window thing. Max agrees. OC asks Max if it's possible that the cure was permanent, and that the virus is gone for good. Max says that testing revealed that her virus is back full blast. OC is at a loss for words, which hardly ever happens. Max says that this is the part where OC is supposed to say that Max and Logan have survived worse. OC changes the subject by saying that it's time for work. Max isn't going -- she wants to get out of town for the day and clear her head. OC understands, and Max says that she just needs to "score some gas" first.

Max waits in a long line behind a gasoline truck. A lady talks to her child. A guy on a motorcycle budges in front of her in line, saying, "You snooze, you lose." Some other guy reads a tabloid with the headline, "Genetic Mutants Walk Among Us." Max looks at the headline with her lips pursed. The gas truck guy announces that the truck is empty. Motorcycle Guy says that he needs the gas to make a run to Portland. Gas Truck Guy says that there are a lot of lonely truckers willing to trade gas for sexual favors. Motorcycle Guy is offended, and says that he's not leaving without his gas. He busts out with a gun, and a struggle ensues. People scream and dive out of the way. The gun fires a few times. The mom dives aside, but the little kid remains standing right out in the open. Max spots him and super-speeds over. The gun goes off again. Cut to Max lying on the ground in a spreading pool of blood. What is wrong with that kid? Not only did he not move when the gun started going off, he just stood there and stared at Max with a completely blank face while she slowly bled onto the pavement. I think he needs to be checked out.

A bunch of people stand around at a really scary-looking hospital. Max is wheeled in on a gurney. The medical personnel get her injury information from the paramedics. Max is clutching a bloody rag to her stomach. She doesn't have a spinal cord injury, but does need surgery.

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