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Harbor Lights

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Harbor Lights

Logan listens to Max's answering machine message again, then picks up the phone and calls her pager.

In the operating room, the doctors lift Max onto the table. One of the doctors comments that she's lost a lot of blood. Max's pager goes off. Max says that she can't stay, but the doctor tells her she doesn't have a choice. One woman starts to take blood, but Max insists on no tests. The woman persists, and Max grabs her arm and repeats forcefully, "No! Tests!" For a wound that bled so much, Max's shirt barely has a bloodstain. Max is restrained by security and given an injection. She continues grunting and resisting as the lights slowly fade and she goes to sleep.

Logan's phone rings. He's just out of the shower, and he has a cute new haircut. Go, Logan! The caller asks who Logan is, and Logan wants to know who the caller is. The caller is a nurse at the hospital. She explains that Max was brought in without identification, but that they found Logan's number on Max's pager. Logan asks how she is, and the nurse says that Max is just out of surgery and doing fine. Logan wants to see her. The nurse says that she needs to know Logan's name, and Max's name as well.

Logan calls Dr. Carr, the same guy that helped them out with the Zach situation. He gave Max an alias -- Linda Eastman. Wasn't that Linda McCartney's maiden name? I wonder if that's relevant. Anyway, Dr. Carr promises to let Max's doctor know that there should be no blood tests, and agrees to meet Logan at the hospital. Logan keeps saying how they can't let anyone find out that Max is "different," and Dr. Carr is all, "Yeah, I get it! Fine!"

Dr. Carr talks to Max's doctor, and they exchange pleasantries. Max's doctor advises Dr. Carr to keep his distance when Max wakes up, because she has "a grip like a vise." Next, Dr. Carr goes to the hospital lab and takes Max's blood vial from the lab tech, saying that he's going to have it run in a private lab.

Max wakes up in the hospital bed and checks out her wound. She stands slowly, clearly in some pain, and starts reading her chart. A nurse walks in and tells "Mrs. Eastman" that she should be in bed, and then informs Max that she has a visitor. Her husband. Logan. Max is happy to see him. The nurse says that visiting hours are over soon, and leaves them alone. Max says that if she knew this was all it took to get a visit from Logan, she would have gotten shot a long time ago. Logan brought her some clothes. Max thanks him. Awkward pause. Logan really does look cute with a decent haircut and a close shave. He cleans up good. Logan asks how she's feeling, and Max says that she wants to get out of there. Logan explains that Dr. Carr is taking over her case, so no one will find out about Max's DNA. He tells her to get some rest. Max lies back down, in a great deal of pain. Logan asks how she managed to get shot. Max tells him about the kid in the crossfire. The nurse knocks on the door and signals that visiting hours are over. Awkward pause. Logan says that he's going to come by the next day and check on her. Max smiles and says that she would like that. Logan smiles too, and leaves.

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