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Harbor Lights

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Harbor Lights

The lab tech from earlier notices his computer beeping. He immediately drops everything and makes a phone call. Max's doctor shows up and says that these results are not good. They've found a virus in one of the blood samples. The doctor asks who the patient is. The lab tech checks his files and reports that it's L. Eastwood. The doctor doesn't think that's possible, and figures out that it's really L. Eastman, and the lab tech mixed them up. She picks up the phone to call the Centers for Disease Control, or CDC.

White is hitting golf balls into the water when his phone rings. It's Otto, and he tells White about the virus detected in a patient at the hospital. White continues to hit golf balls, each one going over two hundred and fifty yards. White wonders why he should care. Otto says that the patient had a bar code tattoo on her neck, and that it's 452. White tells Otto to assemble a team and they will meet in twenty minutes.

Max wakes up in the hospital to see a CDC doctor in an orange safety suit standing over her. He tells her that his name is Dr. George and that she's being quarantined because they found a virus in her bloodstream. Max says that she's not contagious. Dr. George wants to be sure. Max says that she's going home. Dr. George wants to run some tests first. Another guy in a safety suit says that they are ready to decontaminate the area. Dr. George says that he needs to give Max an exam and check for lesions or other symptoms. Max isn't having it, and prepares to leave. Dr. George threatens to put her in restraints. Max threatens in turn to crack some skulls, but she's too weak from her surgery and blood loss to do anything. She faints. Dr. George places her back in bed.

Logan takes a really long time to carefully park the Asstek, and then walks into the hospital carrying a bouquet of flowers. White pulls up in the back of his car, and comments that this is going to be a pissing contest. Otto doesn't understand. White explains that the CDC won't want to release Max into his custody if they consider her a biohazard. Otto wonders what they do now. White says sarcastically that they go home and pray really hard that Max doesn't "expose a massive government conspiracy that [they've] been assigned to cover up." Otto recognizes this as sarcasm. White grabs an official-looking FBI photo identification card with his picture on it.

Logan walks into the hospital, but is told that there are no visitors allowed inside, and that he needs to check in. An official explains that the hospital has been quarantined because a patient has a virus and the CDC is checking it out. White walks in and is stopped. He flashes his ID and says that he's there for Linda Eastman. Logan recognizes his voice and freezes. The official tells White to talk to the CDC. White says that he's FBI and doesn't need to talk to anybody. Then he calls the security guard "bub," which kind of cracked me up. Dr. George exits the elevator while yelling at one of his assistants. White asks if Dr. George is in charge, which he is. White flashes the badge and asks if Dr. George is treating Linda Eastman. Dr. George wants to know why the FBI is involved. White says that Linda Eastman tops the Most Wanted list. Dr. George wants to know what crime she committed, and White responds that the information is classified. I've got to start using that excuse more often. Dr. George refuses to release Max. White says, "I don't think you understand, Doctor. I'm not asking you. I'm telling you." White is such a blowhard. They whip out their dicks and start measuring, but then the media shows up and starts asking questions. Dr. George tells White that he will tell the media that White wants to override the quarantine and expose the public. White has no response. Logan hides behind his bouquet of flowers as he watches White walk away, then follows him.

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