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Harbor Lights

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Harbor Lights

OC nurses Max in their apartment. OC gives Logan shit for bringing Max back in such terrible condition, then takes off to heat Max up some soup. Logan says that it looks like Max is in good hands, so he's going to be on his way. Max calls him back and thanks him for rescuing her. Jessica Alba looks cute with her hair pulled back instead of hanging in her face. I am turning into my mother. Logan tells Max to take care of herself, which sounds an awful lot like a goodbye, and then leaves. OC walks over and notes that things are still weird between Max and Logan. OC thinks that Logan still loves her, since he risked his ass to save her life. Max says that the CDC still has a lot of questions, and won't stop until they get answers. Max feels like sooner or later, they'll run out of luck.

Someone flips through a binder with tons of information about Max and her disease. It's some big bald guy. Dr. George is giving him the binder. They're seated on the conspiracy bench, put to great use in The X-Files and JFK. You know -- the one with the Washington Monument visible in the background? Anyway, Dr. George has given Max's information to someone in Washington DC, and it was a clandestine meeting. I have no idea what that means.

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