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Hello, Goodbye

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Hello, Goodbye

Previously on Dark Angel: Max and Logan discovered that White was involved with an ancient breeding cult that is trying to breed…superhumans of some sort? It hasn't really been made clear. Max was immune to the special snake blood, the same as the members of White's breeding cult. White decided to test a captive transgenic to see if all of the former Manticoreans were immune.

Joshua scratches and scratches his head, and then figures out how to set off the flea bomb in front of him. He runs into the other room, where Max is itching her leg. They simultaneously set off two more flea bombs and run out of The Dreaming. I don't really get why Joshua gets fleas. I mean, I know he has canine DNA and all, but he's not furry over a hundred percent of his body like dogs are. I thought that dogs (and cats) got fleas because of the fur on their bodies. Joshua's face and hands are hairless, at least. And if Joshua gets fleas, why doesn't Max? She has feline DNA. And you'd think Joshua would be less likely to get fleas since he doesn't leave the house much -- I know my indoor cats never get fleas, but when I was younger and our cats were allowed outdoors, they got fleas all the time. I don't know. Maybe Joshua is dirty or something. Anyway, Max tells Joshua to stay out of the house for a couple of hours. Joshua says that he'll just hang out with Max, but Max has plans to meet Logan at Crash. She wishes that Joshua could come with her, and promises to get time off from work to hang out with him. Max gives Joshua some flea powder. All of this talk of fleas is making me itch. Max takes off, and Joshua pours flea powder all over himself.

Logan sits at a table in Crash and sketches on a napkin. Max shows up and asks what he's doing. Logan says that he's trying to figure out the connection between White and Manticore by drawing a little chart. Max is surprised to see him drawing it in the bar. Logan asks to see the scar on her hand. Max looks around and makes sure that no one can see before showing it to him. Logan comments that it is fading fast, and asks if she's sure that all of White's cohorts had the same scar. Max points out the spot on her forearm where the scar was on the others. Logan notes that the symbol looks like a caduceus, which represents medicine. Hey, I said that last week! Because, duh. Max says, "All work and no play makes Logan a dull, dull boy." No, he was dull long before this.

Alec walks in and sits down at the bar. He spots Asha sitting nearby, and walks over to say hello. He asks if she's avoiding him. Asha isn't, but she's glad that nothing happened between her and Alec the night that she went home with him. Alec says that he's glad too. Asha wonders if Alec's little "time is short" speech usually works on other women. Alec says that Asha doesn't want to get involved with him. He was made in a lab, trained to conduct assassinations, and there are guys out there who want to kill him. Some women do like that sort of thing. He's like the ultimate bad boy. Asha tells Alec that he's really just scared to actually care about someone. Alec says that the last time he cared, someone died. Asha apologizes. Alec tells Asha to do herself a favor and leave him alone. Asha seems taken aback, so Alec clarifies, "Beat it." He turns to the bar. She stares at him for a minute and then walks off.

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