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Hello, Goodbye

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Hello, Goodbye

White visits his captive transgenic, Mule, who is busy shining boots for the goons. White notices that Mule is feeling well, despite being injected with the snake blood. Mule confirms that he didn't tell anyone about the snake blood injection. White is trying to be gentle, and explains that it was just a test that Mule passed. White reminds Mule that they have to keep it between the two of them. Mule nods uncertainly, and White exits the room.

Max paces in the hospital hallway. The doctor comes out and tells her that her transgenic friend needs to get there soon. Max begins to reassure the doctor that Alec will be there soon, but then realizes that he is "a completely unreliable jerk." The doctor asks if there is anyone else that Max can get, because this is the only shot that Logan has. Max thinks and then promises to be back soon.

Joshua lies on his porch, being licked on the face by a dog. A girl calls out and asks if someone is there, and if Joshua is hurt. Joshua tries to hide behind his hair. The girl says that her guide dog just pulled her off the sidewalk and up the steps. See, the girl is blind. Joshua waves his hand in front of the girl's face and realizes that she can't see him. She introduces herself as Annie and sticks her hand out. Joshua shakes it and says that he doesn't live in The Dreaming, trying to keep his identity secret. Joshua says he's visiting from "Mantia Coro." Annie compliments him on his English, and then starts to take off. Joshua watches her walk down the steps. She pauses on the street and calls back that it was nice to meet him. Should a blind girl really be traipsing about the streets after dark by herself? It's a guide dog, not an attack dog. Max pulls up on her motorcycle and yells out to Joshua that she needs him.

In the hospital, Max pulls Joshua along on a gurney, under a sheet. OC shows up and says that she came as soon as she heard. The doctor asks if Max found anyone, and Max removes the sheet to reveal Joshua's face, saying that he has "a little canine DNA." The doctor is momentarily taken aback, but then says that as long as Joshua has the correct antibodies, it should work. I'm not even going to get into the science of a blood transfusion being able to cure a virus, because I don't know much about it, but it does seem a bit fishy. The doctor hooks Joshua up to Logan, and the blood begins flowing. Logan is still unconscious, and intubated. Joshua reaches out and pats Logan's face, saying, "Logan, get better now."

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