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Hello, Goodbye

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Hello, Goodbye

At the police station, the cop who arrested Alec asks a woman named Mrs. Ryan if she is ready. The cop orders someone to "bring them in." A bunch of guys, including Alec, file in for a line-up; apparently, Mrs. Ryan is trying to identify one of them as the perpetrator of a crime. Mrs. Ryan picks out Alec, of course. The cop walks into the room and tells Alec that he's under arrest for the murder of Timothy Ryan.

In the hospital waiting room, OC assures Max that Logan is strong and that he will pull through. Of course he will! He's a regular! He has a contract. The doctor enters and tells Max that Logan is going to make it. Max looks relieved, but not as much as you'd think. OC gives her a hug. The doctor says that Logan asked to see Max, and walks away. Max turns and tells OC that she can't see Logan now, or ever again. OC thinks that Max is just upset, and Logan will be fine. Max wonders what will happen next time, and says that this has to stop. She tells OC to pass on the message that she's glad Logan is doing better. What I don't get is why Joshua or Alec can't just go in, like once a month or so, and give blood to be held in case Logan gets infected. If it worked once, why won't it work again? I guess that's not as dramatic. Max walks out of the hospital.

At Jam Pony HQ, Normal calls out for Alec and, when he doesn't get an answer, asks the others if they've seen him. No one has. He asks Sketchy if he has seen Alec; Sketchy has not. OC tells Max that Logan kept asking for her, and she didn't know what to say. Max's beeper goes off, and OC figures out that it's Logan. OC tells Max that she owes Logan an explanation. Max just stares at her, blank-faced.

Logan answers the phone, "Hi, stranger." Logan says that he missed her, and wandered all over the hospital looking for her with the back of his gown open. Max is trying to get right to the point, but Logan keeps babbling on and on about how good he feels and how he transferred his napkin doodles to a whiteboard. Max keeps trying to bring up their relationship, and finally Logan tells her not to do it. Max says that they got lucky, and wonders how many miracles they'll get. I would say as many as it takes, since the writers aren't going to kill Logan off any time soon. Max asks if he's going to end up dead, and she'll have to spend the rest of her life knowing that it was her fault. Because it's all about her. Logan says that he's been there, thinking that their relationship is too hard, but he realized that being without her was worse. Max says she has to hang up, and she does, then leans her head against the pay phone and pouts.

White meets up with the priestess from the breeding cult under a bridge somewhere. White informs her that he tested the transgenic, and it pulled through, so Max wasn't just a fluke. However, Max never got sick at all, so she does have something going on. The priestess is dismayed at the news. White guesses that Sandeman made the transgenics immune, and says dramatically, "This. Changes Everything!" Immune to what, and what it changes, we do not yet know. But I bet that we will find out. White tells the priestess that it's time to make a move.

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