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Hello, Goodbye

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Hello, Goodbye

Annie the Little Blind Girl shows up at Joshua's front door and says that her dog brought her to Joshua's door again. Wow, it's so original to have a blind girl fall in love with a guy with a messed-up face! I definitely have never seen that before, and I especially haven't seen it where the blind girl was played by Laura Dern and the messed-up-face guy was played by Eric Stoltz and it was called Mask. Anyway, Annie invites Joshua to dinner. A woman walks by on the street outside, and Joshua quickly ducks behind the doorway. Annie over-explains her dinner invitation and when Joshua doesn't respond, she says that he's probably busy. Joshua says that he would love to have dinner. Annie starts to explain where she lives. Joshua insists on having dinner at his house, and asks if she likes macaroni and cheese. Who doesn't? Annie smells turpentine. Joshua explains that he's a painter. Annie can't believe that "a painter from Mantia Coro" lives on her street. Do Annie's parents know that she's going around inviting strange men to dinner?

OC and Max hang out at Crash. Max confirms that her relationship with Logan is over. Sketchy comes up and tells the ladies that Alec is in jail. Max doesn't care. OC can't believe that Max isn't going to help. Max says that she has her own problems. And Alec is supposed to be the selfish one? OC points out that the cops might find Alec's bar code, and that would be bad for everyone, Max included. Now that something is in it for her, Max says that saving Alec's butt is already her full-time job, and takes off.

Alec is led in shackles to a visitation room. Max stands up and introduces herself as Alec's lawyer. The guard shoves Alec into a chair and says he'll be outside, and that they have five minutes. Alec starts to apologize. Max shuts him up and says that she heard Alec killed someone. Alec immediately denies doing it. Max points out that Alec was identified and there was a "perfect genetic match." Okay, right there at that point, don't you think that one of them, probably Max, would have remembered that Alec had a serial-killing twin brother? Max says that she's sorry she released Alec from Manticore and inflicted him on the world, and she's going to leave him in jail for White to find. Alec keeps protesting that he didn't do it, and asks Max if she really believes that he could murder someone in cold blood. Max does. Alec says that the victim's teeth were pulled from his head. Finally, the light bulb goes off in Max's brain and she says, "Ben." This sets off a black-and-white flashback to Ben, and some teeth. Alec finally gets around to telling Max that at the time of the murder, he was still at Manticore. Shouldn't that have been the first thing he said? Just then, the guard walks in, and Max takes him out.

Max and Alec creep down the hallway. Alec keeps asking what convinced her, and if it was the sincerity in his eyes. Max shushes him, pulls him into a room, and pulls herself up to look out the window. She sees some cops standing below, and her bike parked nearby. Alec asks if it was the teeth thing that convinced her. Max tells him to shut up. Alec asks why she's taking it so personally. Because she's trying to plot your escape? Max reveals that Ben was the killer. Alec expositions, "Ben? My Manticore twin, Ben?" No, Ben Franklin. Max and Alec inch along a ledge outside the building. Max tells Alec about the people Ben killed. Max holds onto a pole attached to the building. Alec grabs it as well. Max pushes the pipe away from the building, and it slowly falls down. It gets caught on a fence, leaving Max and Alec hanging far above the ground. Max tells Alec to jump. They do, and the cops start shooting at them. They take refuge behind a car. Just then, some power lines from the downed pole explode, and Max takes advantage of the distraction to make a run for her bike. She and Alec take off on the bike.

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