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Hello, Goodbye

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Hello, Goodbye

Back at Max's apartment, Alec explains why he couldn't use Manticore as an alibi. You know, because it was secret and all. Alec wonders if maybe Logan could help, and then realizes that Logan was in the hospital. He asks Max if Logan is okay. Max says that Joshua came through, and Alec points out that Logan could use "a little canine plasma to loosen him up." And how. Alec says he's kidding, and that he loves Logan, but not the way that Max does. Max is silent. Alec asks what the problem is. Max says that she's not going to see Logan anymore. Alec asks, "Anymore this week?" Max replies, "Ever. I can't risk it." They are silent for a moment, and then Max offers Alec some coffee, which he accepts. Alec says that since they are already knee-deep in painful subjects, he wants to hear about Ben. Max flashes back to Baby Ben and tells Alec that when they were kids at Manticore, Ben always had questions about why they were there and what was outside, so he made up "fantastic stories" about it, and it made the other kids feel loved. Alec says Ben seemed like a nice kid, and wonders what went wrong. Max says that after they escaped, it seemed like there were too many things that Ben didn't have answers for. Max flashes back to Ben saying that they never should have left Manticore, because it was safe there. Max tells Alec that Ben just lost it. Alec absorbs this information and then asks Max if she's okay. Max flashes back to just after she killed Ben, and says that she's fine. Alec realizes that she's lying and asks what's going on. Max details how Ben was hurt and Manticore was closing in, so she killed him rather than send him back to Manticore, because he asked her to, and then she ran and saved herself, and left his body there. Max saved herself? No way. Alec hugs Max and says that he's sorry. Max cries one perfect tear.

Joshua and Annie eat dinner. Annie explains that she contracted measles after the Pulse, but her parents couldn't afford the medicine, and she lost her sight. Annie says she remembers what some things look like. She tells Joshua that he's not like other people, because he doesn't feel sorry for her. Joshua points out that she can go out places. Annie thinks that he could come with her. Annie is curious about Joshua's paintings. Cut to Joshua letting Annie touch his paintings, and explaining the various colors. He practically puts an ice cube in her hand and tells her that it's blue.

White tells Mule that he's being released.

Logan paces back and forth in his apartment, staring at the phone. He walks over to his desk, and for once you can hear his leg braces whirring. He grabs his keys.

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