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Hello, Goodbye

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Hello, Goodbye

Max sees Alec out the next morning. He thanks her for letting him crash at her place. Max advises him to lay low, because the cops are looking for him. Alec thinks he'll crash at Joshua's house. Max thinks Joshua would love that. Alec realizes that it must be hard for Max to see him, since he looks just like Ben, and he reminds her of things she'd like to forget. Max says that's probably why she's so bitchy to him. Alec walks over and puts his arm around her awkwardly, and suggests that it might be because he's a pain in the ass. Logan gets out of the Asstek just in time to see Alec with his arm around Max, who pushes him away playfully and tells him to be careful. Logan has apparently seen enough, as he gets back in the Asstek and takes off.

Alec arrives at The Dreaming. Joshua hides the painting he was doing of Annie. Alec says that he needs to hang out there because his "dead twin brother was a psycho killer." Alec asks where the TV is; Joshua says he doesn't have a TV, and hands Alec a book. Alec laughs and asks if they are living in the Dark Ages. Joshua doesn't get it. Alec says he knows where he can score one. Joshua tries to hide his painting from Alec, who is making a phone call. Alec spots the painting, and Joshua reluctantly lets him see it, telling him that it's Annie. Alec asks who Annie is, and Joshua says it's the girl who lives down the street. Alec looks uncomfortable and starts to say something, but Joshua tells Alec that Annie is blind, so it's okay. Alec sighs and says that they need to have a talk. Joshua doesn't want to, and says he's tired of keeping a low profile.

Some random woman gets her two seconds of fame as she walks in front of the camera. Seriously, the camera focused on her for so long that I was sure she was going to play an important role in this scene. And then we never saw her again. White pulls up in a car and tells Mule that if he can get over a nearby fence, he will be free. White says that if the soldiers see Mule, they will try to kill him. White explains what the soldiers look like and wishes Mule good luck. Mule thanks White. Oh, poor Mule. He totally fell for White's set-up.

Mule gets out of the car, wearing a hood. He walks towards the fence as White watches. He reaches the fence and pulls it open. A siren goes off. White watches. A computerized voice says that Mule has violated checkpoint security. A bunch of sector guards pull up and tell Mule to freeze, and then they start beating the crap out of him. Mule throws the guards several feet away, and the one remaining guard shoots Mule in the chest. It takes multiple shots before Mule finally falls to the ground and dies. White watches the whole thing in his rearview mirror.

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