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Hello, Goodbye

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Hello, Goodbye

Max sneaks into Logan's apartment and hangs Joshua's necklace on his whiteboard. She takes a marker and makes arrows pointing from the necklace to the words Sandeman and White. Logan surprises her by turning on some lights and yelling out, "Hi there!" Logan appears to have already worked his way through the better part of a bottle of liquor. Max says she didn't think he was home, and Logan says that if she knew he was there, she wouldn't have come. Max sadly explains about the necklace. Logan pours himself another drink and says that Sandeman is "one of White's cult loonies, huh? Woo hoo!" Max angrily points out that there is a connection between the breeding cult and Manticore. Logan drunkenly says that maybe he should do an Eyes Only hack since it's such a big news day. Then Logan says he tried paging her, but she never responded. Max says she's going, and starts walking out. Logan stops her. Max can't touch him, so she can't get by him. Max says that she's said everything she needed to say. Wow, that was a lot of uses of the word "said" in there. Logan thinks there is something else…or someone else. I can't believe he really thinks Max and Alec are hooking up from that one scene he witnessed. Logan says that he came to her apartment to talk to her and saw Alec leaving. Max is confused. Logan tells Max to say if he's got it wrong, and then concludes, "Tell me it's not true." Max weighs her options and then says that she can't, and it's over between her and Logan and he needs to get used to it. Max ducks him and walks out in slow motion. Logan can only watch her leave. If I cared at all about their relationship, maybe this would be sad.

Max sits atop the Space Needle, brooding. Alec shows up. Max says she comes there to be alone. Alec figured that they could both use a friend, so Max tells him to sit down. The blue-screen effect in this scene is so bad. Alec asks if she has any deep thoughts or profound realizations to share. Max responds, "Yeah. Love sucks."

Next week: White and the priestess discuss how paranoid people will get when they discover that there are transgenics out there who look human. Max is lured into a trap of some sort that involves many cops with guns. I bet she dies! Except not.

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