Dark Angel
Love Among The Runes

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Love Among The Runes

A nurse locks a door on a mental ward. It's like the Romanian mental ward that Sydney was stuck in that one time on Alias, all dirty and dark. One crazy guy starts sawing through the bars on his window. While looking out the window, he sees a bunch of breeding cult people doing some sort of ritual. They spot some meteor showers in the sky. They all raise their hands in the air and wave them like they just don't care. The crazy guy laughs and tells his roommate (who is in a straitjacket with a gag in his mouth) that it's ironic that they are termed crazy when the breeding cult people are apparently worshipping stars in the sky. A priestess lifts a big snake out of a box and chants something. Crazy Guy gets the bars off the windows and bids his roommate goodbye. He shimmies down the wall. Meanwhile, the breeding cult members are chanting and passing the snake around. Crazy Guy disguises himself in a brown hooded robe and makes off with the snake.

Cut to White, standing on a roof and watching the meteor showers while chanting the same thing as the breeding cult members. Otto comes out and reminds White that he has a meeting with the chief of police to discuss "jurisdictional issues." White asks Otto, "Is it just me, or was this job more fun when we were covert, hunting transgenics all on our own?" Otto tells White he should probably go to bed. White doesn't want to miss the meteor showers. Otto didn't know White was into astronomy. White says there are lots of things Otto doesn't know about him. They both say goodnight.

Over at Terminal City, Max walks in. She gives Joshua Sandeman's medallion, which Logan managed to rescue from his apartment before it was trashed. Well, wasn't that lucky? Joshua says that his father told him that the symbol was two snakes twined together. Dix comes over and says that it's a caduceus, which was on the staff of Hermes, messenger of the gods. It's also an ancient Babylonian symbol of fertility. Max says that it's the same symbol that White's breeding cult uses, and she wonders if Sandeman was involved somehow. Joshua doesn't want to hear it, because he knows that his father was a good guy. Max isn't convinced. Runty says that the guy who started Manticore was "one strange dude," because they're all so weird looking. Some voices on the police radio break up the conversation; there's a transgenic on the loose, and White's men are on their way. Max takes off.

At Jam Pony HQ, Alec talks to some guy about past missions, so the guy is clearly a transgenic, and he must be an X-series, because he looks human. We find out later that his name is Biggs, so I'm just going to call him that now. They reminisce about some lady named Lola. Alec gets a call about the transgenic on the run, and he and Biggs take off to help Max.

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