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Love Among The Runes

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Love Among The Runes

OC and Sketchy sit at a table in Crash. Sketchy asks OC how long she's known that Max was a transgenic. OC answers, "About a year." Sketchy asks why she didn't tell him. OC asks what difference it would have made. Sketchy asks how she can say that, since Max is "one of them." OC points out that Max has been a good friend to him. Sketchy considers this. OC asks if he's going to believe what he hears on television, or what's in his heart, and she adds, "So what if she was made in a lab? She's the best person you know." Sketchy thinks about this, and then admits that OC is right. I'm not buying it. Sketchy is going to turn her in.

Back at Terminal City, the Arctic Brigade transgenic and the leader are having some sort of competition. Max talks to Logan via computer. Logan can't believe that Sandeman was White's father. Max points out that, "in some twisted way, that means he's [her] brother." Logan says that if Sandeman left the cult, that means he's "one of the good guys." Max thinks that CJ is too. Max adds that whatever Sandeman was trying to tell her through the symbols, it freaked White out. Max explains that White "acted like [she] was the second coming, here to foil his big, evil plan." And she doesn't even know what that plan is. In the background, the competition between the Arctic Guy and the leader commences. Arctic Guy is next to a heater and the leader is next to ice, and they have to see who can last the longest. Alec asks Max if she wants in on the bet, and Max refuses. Logan says that he'll let her get back to the party. Max seems to be about to tell Logan that she's not really going out with Alec, but instead she just ends the conversation by telling him to take care. Logan slams a book onto his desk, because he's a man!

CJ is lying on a bed, wearing a straitjacket. White tells CJ that he's disappointed in him, and that he did "a very bad thing." White says that CJ had a chance to redeem their family, and he "threw it away like garbage." CJ cries through his gag. White looks out the window and sees more meteors. He vows to find Max. He adds, "Now that I know what she is, I have to."

Next week: Directed by James Cameron! That's almost enough to make me not watch. Anyway, Max and the other transgenics get their war on.

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