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Love Among The Runes

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Love Among The Runes

Biggs brings his motorcycle into Terminal City, and Runty promises to visit. An alarm or something goes off, and Runty goes over to the computer, where they have a video hookup with Logan. Once the equipment gets adjusted, Joshua asks Logan how the "new digs" are. Logan is staying at The Dreaming. Joshua asks if Logan needs anything. Logan says that he talked to Eyes Only, who wants to get back on the air. Runty says that Eyes Only's cable hacks are pretty sophisticated. Logan says getting on the air isn't the hard part; it's avoiding being traced. Runty asks what they need, and Logan lists off some equipment. Runty promises to look around, because the "ordinaries" left a lot of good stuff behind when they abandoned Terminal City. Well, at least they explained where all the equipment came from. Max arrives, and Joshua calls her over, saying that Logan is "on TV." Max approaches cautiously and smiles when she sees Logan's face. They have a fairly trifling conversation. Logan asks if Alec is there, and Max says that he is. Max says goodbye sadly, and Logan disconnects.

Max and Alec search a building in Terminal City, looking for equipment for Logan. Alec wants to stop looking, because he doesn't think they'll find anything useful. Max finds something, and Alec asks if they can leave. Max sees a sign that says, "Advanced Recombinant Genetics," but she doesn't notice the caduceus symbol on the sign, or at least she doesn't comment on it. Alec asks how things are with Max and Logan, and Max is silent. Alec says that he was just trying to make conversation, and Max should try it sometime. Max says that it's over, and she already told him about it. Alec wonders why Logan was asking about him, and Max says that they were just making conversation. Alec opens up a container and finds a snake, which finally convinces Max that they can leave. Max wonders what's up with all the snakes, and "it's like Ames White and his familiars are following [her] around." Alec comments that "Ames White and the Familiars" sounds like a rock band. Heh. After they leave, Crazy Guy walks into the room and checks on his snake (the one he stole from the breeding cult ceremony). Crazy Guy wonders how Max and Alec knew about the breeding cult, and then starts dancing around the room with the snake. Because he's crazy.

Otto shows White a thermal imaging unit. White wonders why he should care about this. Otto snaps his fingers, and two goons manhandle an X-series in. White still doesn't get it. Otto points out that the X-series shows up as whiter on the imaging unit; X-series transgenics have a higher body temperature than humans. Otto explains that they could scan crowds with the unit and pick out transgenics. White is happy, and orders Otto to requisition as many units as he can. White's phone rings, and he answers it to hear that "he's escaped." The Priestess on the other end explains that Crazy Guy escaped during the ceremony, and that they'll find him. White says they had better, because he knows too much.

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