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Love Among The Runes

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Love Among The Runes

Max shows Logan the new marks over the computer. Logan doesn't know what's going on either, but asks if Max came into contact with anything or drank anything different. Max snarks that she drank a bottle of something called "Tattoos From Within." Sarcasm isn't going to help the matter any, young lady. Max apologizes and says that it's freaking her out. Logan points out that they look a bit like the symbols on Joshua's medallion, and theorizes that they are a "genetically encoded imprint designed to appear on [her] skin at a given time." Max wonders, "What for and why now?" Logan doesn't know, but suggests that it might be a message. Max asks, "From who?" Joshua supplies, "Father."

Biggs and Alec make small talk about how Logan will figure out what's going on with Max. Alec's phone rings, and while he talks to Normal, Biggs watches some anti-transgenic guys trolling for donations in front of the Light of Life Mission. Alec finishes his call and announces that he has to go make a pick-up, so he and Biggs say goodbye and mount their motorcycles. For two undercover transgenics, Alec and Biggs are wearing awfully revealing collars. Perhaps they just lasered their barcodes off recently.

At Goon HQ, they have a bunch of thermal imaging monitors set up. Otto walks over and asks Aryan Goon if he's found anything yet; Aryan Goon hasn't. Just then, Undercover Goon who is masquerading as a cab driver radios in because he has picked up a transgenic on his equipment. Except he decides that it's "just an old lady with the flu." Biggs roars into the area on his motorcycle, and Undercover Goon picks up on it. Aryan Goon tells him to "stay on it." Biggs walks up to a counter and buys coffee. He notices some nearby cops staring at him, and a guy in a trench coat talking into a mouthpiece. Biggs starts walking out, and sees more cops, so he turns the other way. Otto uses a walkie-talkie to tell the Goons that Biggs has recognized them, and orders all units to converge. Swarm! Swarm! Biggs tries to walk along nonchalantly, but he is soon surrounded. A cop pulls his gun and orders Biggs to freeze. Biggs throws his hot coffee in one goon's face and takes off, super-speeding on out of there while a cadre of cops follows him. Biggs climbs up onto a roof, and the cops lose him. Otto shakes his head in disgust.

Crazy Guy uses a mirror and a marker to draw a fake barcode on the back of his neck. He stuffs the snake in a brown paper sack.

At Terminal City, Max tells Alec that Logan figured out that her symbols are "some branch of an ancient Minoan language." Hey, you know where J-Dawg grew up? Minoa! Shout-out! Okay, not really. I mean, he did grow up in Minoa (NY), but I don't think it's a shout-out. Alec asks if Logan has figured out what it says. Max says he's working on it, but no one has ever figured out the whole alphabet. Alec wonders why Sandeman would encode a message into Max in a language that she can't understand. Joshua suggests that Sandeman was going to teach Max and then had to leave before he got the chance. Alec asks why he wouldn't put the message in plain English. Joshua says that Sandeman probably didn't want anyone else to read it. Why is Joshua, the dude who lived in the basement and had no contact with other humans, so much smarter than Alec, the dude who had all the military training in the world? Alec asks if they're sure that Sandeman was one of the good guys. Joshua points out that he left Manticore. Max asks if Joshua knows why Sandeman left. Joshua doesn't, but he does know that Sandeman left in a hurry.

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