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Love Among The Runes

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Love Among The Runes

Runty walks in and interrupts the strategy session. Crazy Guy, who is now going by CJ, accompanies him. Runty introduces CJ as "the newest resident of Terminal City." The leader asks CJ which X-series he belongs to. CJ claims to be "X5-411." Max walks closer and looks at CJ like he's crazy. Because he is. Crazy. CJ realizes that they don't believe him and starts flailing about, pretending to do some sort of martial arts. CJ finishes his demonstration and asks if they saw his blurring. Max didn't, and CJ says it's because he's so fast. CJ realizes that they still don't believe him, so he starts throwing punches at Max, who easily blocks them and then knocks CJ down. Joshua picks CJ up. CJ notices his medallion and asks where Joshua got it. Max asks why he wants to know. CJ looks scared and says, "No reason." Max asks if he's seen the symbol before. CJ, still scared, says no.

Runty calls everyone's attention to the television, where news reports are showing pictures of Biggs and calling him "a dangerous fugitive." While everyone is distracted by the news reports, CJ sneaks out. Alec calls Biggs, who is unaware of the media blitz. Biggs reports that he's near Alec's place, which happens to also be near the Light of Life Mission. Alec tells Biggs sharply to get back to Terminal City. Before Alec can explain, the Anti-Transgenic guys who were collecting donations earlier surround Biggs. Biggs spots his own picture on a nearby television. Not sure why there was a television out on the street, but whatever. While Biggs is distracted by the news reports, the Anti-Transgenic guys start beating him with two-by-fours. Alec realizes that Biggs is in trouble, and he and Max take off.

It's dark by the time Max and Alec arrive at the scene. Way to hurry, guys. People are rushing down the street. Max talks to one guy who is a cross between Jimmy Fallon and Mike Damone from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Jimmy Damone says that a bunch of the neighborhood guys "got a hold of one of those mutants that's been on the news." Max asks what he means, and Jimmy Damone says, "What do you think?" They arrive at the scene, and Biggs is hanging by his feet, dead. Jimmy Damone comments, "That oughta teach them freaks a lesson, huh?" Max and Alec stop and stare in disgust. Well, if they've seen Star Wars, they should have known that Biggs was going to die.

The news reports on Biggs's death, calling his killers "members of a local neighborhood watch group." They move on to a live press conference by Senator McKinley. McKinley says that he doesn't condone vigilantism, but he understands the "fear and anger" that drove the killers to take matters into their own hands. He reminds people that the transgenics are dangerous, so they should let the authorities do their job. Max, Alec, and the other transgenics watch the broadcast from Terminal City. McKinley announces that "a recent technological breakthrough" helped them capture three transgenics, and they anticipate more arrests. A reporter asks where the captive transgenics are being held. McKinley says that information is classified, but he can tell them that the captives will be transported to a secure facility within the day. Wouldn't that information be classified too? Would you really want to admit that the captives are currently in a facility that is not secure? McKinley announces that they are winning the war. This story arc is becoming an awful lot like the X-Men movie. There are, like, five reporters at this press conference. I guess they had to save up their extras budget for the season finale. The reporters continue to yell questions as McKinley leaves the room.

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