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Love Among The Runes

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Love Among The Runes

Sketchy sees OC sneaking out of the office with the files and asks what she's doing. OC asks what he means. Sketchy figures out that there are more transgenics, and that OC is trying to protect them. OC denies it, but Sketchy grabs at the files to see what they say. Sketchy asks why she took Max and Alec's files. OC says sharply, "Why do you think?" Sketchy guppies for a minute and then backs away.

At the former Advanced Recombinant Genetics lab, CJ wakes up to find the snake crawling on him. He's happy to see the snake, but not so happy to see Max, who's standing over him. Max asks who he is and why he's in Terminal City. CJ says he's hiding out, just like Max. Max asks why, since he's not a transgenic. CJ doesn't answer, so Max grabs him and threatens him with a slapping around. CJ says that "they" are after him. Max asks who "they" are. CJ says that "they" are the "Familiars," and he doesn't want to go back to "that loony bin of theirs." CJ insists that he's not crazy. Max doesn't buy it. CJ says that they locked him up because of his father, who was "part of it all" until he got out and "turned his back on the whole damn thing." Max asks why his father left the breeding cult. CJ says it's because his father knew that CJ wouldn't survive, and he didn't want CJ to die. Max asks if he's referring to the snake blood initiation thing. CJ asks how she knew about that. Max doesn't answer, asking in turn how his father knew that CJ wouldn't survive. CJ explains that his father was a scientist, and they're sitting in his former lab. His father tested his DNA, which isn't allowed in the breeding cult, because everyone has to be initiated due to "thousands of years of tradition." But CJ"s father said, "Screw tradition," and sent CJ away. Max points out that they eventually caught CJ and locked him up. CJ says that the Familiars are everywhere and whispers, "You never know who's part of it." Max asks what the initiation is for. CJ doesn't know; they don't tell you unless you go through it and survive. He rants that his father wanted to introduce science and technology to the cult, but they said that was heresy. Max asks if CJ's father "got sick of the whole selective breeding thing and decided to get into the gene-splicing game?" CJ says that his father didn't come to the lab "until the government took over." Max asks what he means, and CJ says, "Hello? Manticore?" Max doesn't get it. CJ asks who she thinks made her. Max answers, "Sandeman," and then asks CJ if Sandeman is his father. CJ says, "Haven't you heard a word I've said?" Max asks CJ if Sandeman is alive and if CJ knows where he is. CJ says he might, and wants to know why Max wants to find him. Max says that she has a lot of questions, like why he made the transgenics, why he left, and what's up with the symbols on her arm. She pulls down her sleeve to show CJ, and he recognizes them as ancient Minoan. Max asks if he knows what it says. CJ says that he doesn't read Minoan, but she should ask the person who drew them. Max explains that they just popped up. CJ thinks it's weird. Max thinks they're a message from his father. CJ asks what kind of message. Max says if CJ helps her find him, they can find out. CJ isn't sure about that. Max points out that they're "kind of related," and CJ reconsiders.

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