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Love in Vein

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Love in Vein

OC paints her fingernails and complains that Max is taking too long to get ready. She finally walks into Max's room to see what is going on, and Max is wearing a sexy black halter-top dress. OC exclaims over how hot Max looks. Max asks if her bar code is covered up, and OC assures her that it is. Max says that she's sick of moping around, and it's time for her to get out and enjoy something. OC got them into some hot club. Max declares that they are going to "party like it's 2099." Will people really be saying that over a hundred years from now? I hope not.

Max and OC wait in a long line outside the club. Max says that she thought that OC knew the bouncer, Boom Boom. OC says that she does, and as soon as he sees them in line, he'll let them in. A car pulls up, and a bunch of people hop out and run into the club. Max snarks that they must know Boom Boom too. As the gang runs inside the club, they exclaim, "To the marrow!" Oh, Lord. The bouncer complains that they need to have reservations. One girl says that they are the entertainment as the rest disappear inside. The bouncer snarls, "Get Boom Boom." Freddy "Boom Boom" Washington? That would be awesome if he were the bouncer.

Inside the club, the gang shoves people out of the way and grabs other people's drinks. Outside, OC says that she's going to go up front and see what's going on, and warns Max not to bail. Max promises to stick around. Inside, one of the gang members hops up on the bar and starts babbling about how he wants all of them for "concubinage." Someone tries to get him down, and is rewarded with a kick to the face. The rest of the gang members shove their way across the floor and steal money and purses. Bar-Standing Guy smashes a glass and then does a back flip off the bar. Outside, OC is trying to request that Boom Boom come out and talk to her. The bouncer tells her that she'll have to wait like everyone else. Inside, the gang continues to steal money and wallets. Bar-Standing Guy knocks one guy down and steals his money. The other gang members yell at him. I guess he's being too obvious. Bar-Standing Guy accuses one of the women gang members of "crashing." Some dude who looks like The Crow says, "Let's jack the house money and be gone from this dreck." That line would have had so much more impact if he had just said "shit." The gang members run out, followed by bouncers. Outside, OC is still trying to convince the bouncer to call Boom Boom. The gang members bust out of the door, knocking one bouncer down and fighting the others. OC tries to help out, but gets knocked down. She notices that the gang members have bar codes on their necks. The gang members get the money and take off in their car. Max runs up and checks on OC, who reveals that the gang members had bar codes on their necks. Dun dun dun!

One of the girl gang members (the one who was "crashing" earlier) walks into a hospital emergency room, crying, and informs the woman behind the desk that she is sick. The woman tells her to fill out a form and wait like everyone else. Crashing Girl goes into the waiting room, where she puts her head in her hands, unable to fill out the form. Later, a doctor calls out for Donna Stein and gets no response. She asks Crashing Girl if she is Donna Stein, but she's not. The doctor notices the bar code on Crashing Girl's neck and takes off in a hurry.

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