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Two traumas down, one waiting at home. She gets to the apartment, runs into Theo's wife in the hall, and finds out that Theo died in a cab on the way to the hospital. Bummer. The actress who plays Theo's wife did a really good job of crying and such. I got a lump in my throat, even on the second viewing. Commercial breaks coming more and more frequently. This is a disturbing trend. We re-enter the Dark Angel universe in the middle of one of Max's flashbacks. Oh, it seems that the escape from Project Manticore is all her fault. She was having a seizure, all the kids gathered around her, and then the MPs came in to kill her and autopsy her like they did the other kid. But her little soldier compatriots were having nothing of it and whomped the shit out of the MPs. And then had to escape. The first kid to protect young Max got gunned down by the head bad guy. More reason for her to hate him, that coffee-drinking-during-autopsies, kid-killing bastard. Head full of sadness and disappointment, Max heads in to work. Normal razzes her for being late, then tells her to tell Theo that he's fired. "Theo's dead," she says expressionlessly. All the bike messengers get very sad and shocked and stand around gaping. In the midst of the shocked silence, the TV broadcasts a report of a shootout involving a witness in the trial of Edgar Sonrisa. Police hoverdrones (that's what those things are called!) captured the shootout on film. The TV shows Logan's bodyguard getting shot down, then Logan getting shot as he tries to protect Lauren's kid (Sophy). Sophy gets kidnapped by the bad guys, and then the transmission ends. Max is having a really shitty day. In another room in the city, men in black suits sit in a beautifully-lit office building and discuss the escapees from Project Manticore. (The office scenes all have the most amazing photographs hanging as office art. Gorgeous black and white photographs of water. Just thought I'd let you know that the set designer has got really good taste.) The head bad guy argues with some other guys that their bug on Max's PI will pay off. The head bad guy turns and looks at pictures of all the escapees mounted on foam core and hung on the wall. It seems he's gotten the last word somehow. The investigation continues. Later that night, Max goes to visit Logan in the hospital. He's unconscious, so she takes advantage of his passivity to tell him what she really thinks about him. She checks his wallet to take his cash, but discovers that the nurses beat her to it. Heh. Okay, so here she goes giving some weird speech about the law of gravity and even Jesus Christ having to obey it. Huh? Anyway. Blah blah blah cynicalcakes, you suck, Logan, I don't feel guilty about not being that woman's bodyguard, except that I do. She looks out the window, sees with her super-vision that a gentleman with a silencer-rifle is about to shoot Logan, and decides to wheel him out of the hospital. She talks and talks as she's wheeling him away, utterly in love, apparently, with the sound of her own whiny, monotonous voice. A big explosion busts out of Logan's room behind them. You probably saw that scene on the commercials about a thousand times before you saw the show, huh? I know I did. Was it the oxygen exploding? What exploded? Ever notice how nobody goes deaf on TV because of explosions or gunfire? Funny, that.

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