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Witchblade Runner
A la Barb Wire, there is a tearful mother-daughter reunion in a deserted area with Max watching bitterly from her bike. Lauren starts to thank Max, but Max has already scooted away, popping a wheelie on her bike like a big ol' pouty teenager baby. The next time we see her, she is in the bike messenger center, watching the news of Edgar Sonrisa's death on the TV. It seems that an enraged Bruno shot Sonrisa, then was gunned down by Sonrisa's other henchmen. How tidy! Oh, here's a subplot conclusion for you: a bike messenger delivers Theo's ashes COD to the bike center (not to his wife and kid? Um, whatever), but Normal won't cough up the dough to pay for them. So all the bike messengers pitch in the money to pay for the delivery. Normal feels bad and takes out his wallet, but the Jamaican guy (remember him?) steps in and tells him that they'll take care of their own, and he can keep his dirty white money. Okay, he doesn't call Normal's money dirty and white, but he might as well have. Oh, Max takes the ashes to Theo's wife and kid. I guess the mortuary didn't send them there 'cause they are squatting. Hm. Cut to Logan's apartment, where he is sitting in a wheelchair and broadcasting more grim news about refugees being marched overboard for profit. He's bitter about being paralyzed from the waist down. And well he should be. But where are his glasses? Perhaps he got Lasik surgery while he was in the hospital. Enter Max. They start to have a friendly moment. He gives her a gift of the cat statue that he gave her last time, but that she sold. He bought it off the black market to give to her again. I wonder if this is going to be a recurring cycle: he pays her over and over again with the same cat statue. That would be funny. But, of course, as we are learning with Logan, nothing is without strings. He asks her to do a little legwork for him ('cause he's paralyzed now, get it?) re: the business of refugee murder. She tells him to stuff it, so he buys her with a tidbit more information about the other escapee soldier-kids. Oh, he pulls out a folder with Zach's information in it. Remember the very first paragraph? The one where she voice-overs that she never got to thank Zach for getting her to leave? And then he got drug back into the hospital facility with a metal thing over his mouth? Well, that's Zach. She gets all thoughtful and tearful; the next shot is of Max sitting on the edge of the Space Needle, where she started, voice-overing about what she should do next. Boy, that moon sure is huge. At least it's not entirely full, thus indicating the passage of time a little bit. Hm. This show's not half bad so far. We'll see if Cameron can sustain it.

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Dark Angel




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