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You gotta have faith-a faith-a faith

Max calls the Captain to tell him about the Lydecker encounter. The Captain tries to get all sappy and sensitive and I'm-here-for-you, but Max is having none of it and hangs up the phone, saying she has something to do. The scene cuts to Max in the woods. I see -- she ditched the Captain so she could go hiking and not have to stick to the wheelchair-accessible trails. Sneaky girl, that Max. Max uses her zoom lens to spot a teeny tiny gold necklace hanging on a tree. She picks it up and asks it, "Oh, Ben, what are you doing?" Surprisingly, the necklace doesn't answer. She hikes some more and then is overtaken by yet another freaking flashback. In this episode, the happy campers are once again out of their bunks, but this time it's because one of their cabin-mates is having a seizure. They are all speculating that if the counselors catch him mid-twitch, they will take him away and stick him with the nomalies. Just then, a janitor comes in, and the campers scatter back to their bunks. The janitor notices the twitching and gives the kid a religious prayer card and tells him to pray to her, and that she'll watch over him. The kid stops twitching, and as the janitor leaves, the other campers gather around and speculate about the mysterious lady on the card. It's the Virgin Mary, by the way. Ben, the self-appointed spiritual guru of the group, grabs the card and says that she's watching over us.

Then we see some tousle-haired brunet guy dressed all in black tell another tousle-haired brunet guy dressed all in black to put on a necklace that looks strangely similar to the necklace that Max found in the woods. Then the men chase each other through the woods and try to kill each other. The one who told the other one to put on the necklace won. Does he own stock in the necklace company or something?

Back at the Halls of Justice, Cap'n EO is breaking the news to Max that another bar-code-tattooed body was found in the woods. Is she sure the other body was Ben? Max isn't sure. Max is pouting. The Captain shoots her a look and annoyingly points out that Ben is the closest thing she has to a brother, and she isn't sure whether or not the body she saw was him? Max knocks him over. Well, she doesn't, but I sure would have. Max is too busy flashing back to pay attention. She's envisioning herself jogging through the woods with Ben. Hmm, exercise. I wonder what that's like? The Cap'n continues to question Max, and she finally confesses that Ben killed the two men. The Cap'n says that he's a little concerned that Max is trying to cover up the actions of a serial killer. She kicks him in the shins, but he doesn't notice. She says that she's not covering it up; Lydecker is. Remember? Stocky blond guy? Bad dresser? Really bossy attitude? That's him. So Max isn't covering anything up; she just isn't advertising that her "brother" is a murderer. Makes sense to me. But not to Logan, who takes his journalistic integrity and heightened morality and shoves it down Max's throat. Max tells him to stuff it and huffs her way out the door. Do you think, when she's mad, that she waits for the elevator like everybody else, or does she just jump out the window?

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