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You gotta have faith-a faith-a faith

Lydecker is about to get his ass hauled into an impromptu conference with his boss. And, get this, his boss is a lady! No glass ceiling in 2019, no sirree. Of course, if the US really has sunk into a depression, hiring women to higher positions makes sense, since statistics show that you can pay them less money for equal or better work! How about that! Anyway, Lydecker's Lady Boss (Nana Visitor of Star Trek fame) is taking him to task for not having caught the anomalous X5 yet. Lydecker says he is on it. But X5 493 (read: Ben) is just not keeping a low enough profile for the Lady Boss's taste. He needs to be stopped. And he needs to be taken back to Manticore so that they can determine just what went wrong. He's an anomaly according to Lydecker, but the Lady Boss points out that there are an awful lot of anomalies in this little project, and that he'd better get it straightened out. Wow, she's great at being a nice-but-really-not-at-all-nice boss. I hope she comes back more often. As soon as she leaves, Lydecker barks at some underling to set up the meeting. What meeting? Oh, right, the meeting with Eyes Only.

At the Space Needle, Ben is taking a break from his killing spree to enjoy the view. Aw, even serial killers like a nice vista. As he steps back into "The Needle" (as we Seattle-ites call it), Max tackles him and handcuffs him to the wall. Not having seen each other for years, they take a moment to catch up. Ben claims that he's doing what they were trained to do. Max says that she must have missed the class on amateur dentistry. Ben goes on and on about how this is what they were made for and how she should understand it. It? "It" is revealed to us in another Camp Manticore home video. Seems that one of the camp's wholesome recreational activities was to set the kids loose on convicted felons. If the convicts made it to the perimeter, they were free to go. If they didn't, it was back to death row. The kids caught the guy and beat him down. I miss camp. Max enjoys the trip down memory lane so much that she decides to beat up Ben! She wants to know where the priest is.

Lydecker heads to his meeting with an Eyes Only video screen in the Eyes Only Official Contact Room that is obviously rented for that express purpose. EO tells Lydecker that if he doesn't stop the killings soon, he will go public with what he knows. That sort of exposure would probably get Lydecker called into the Lady Boss's office again, so he reaffirms his desire to catch the bad X5. While he's talking to EO, Lydecker searches the room for some sign of EO's identity. Come on, Lydecker, what happened to all that military strategic training? Do you really think he's hiding under the table? Oh, right -- suspend disbelief. Lydecker finally sits down in the chair EO so thoughtfully provided and calls EO's bluff. Lydecker seems to think that EO won't do anything that will put Max at risk. He knows that EO is working with her, but he doesn't know why, since Max is not just the genetically-engineered super-soldier next door. EO couldn't possibly think that he could have a meaningful relationship with her; she's too dangerous for that. Eyes Only rolls his eyes and tells Lydecker to do something about Ben or he will.

Back at the Needle, Max is still interrogating Ben. They are engaging in a philosophical dialectic about "war is art" and "religion is for the unwashed masses." I mean, "the unwashed masses minus Max." She's too tough for JC, yo. Max asks Ben about the bar code and then espouses her theory that he puts his bar code on his victims because he hates himself and wants to kill his fool self over and over again. Jung has nothing on Max Guevara. Ben laughs at her dime-store psychology patter. This pisses Max off, and she calls him a nomaly. He cries and says that he's not a nomaly, she's a nomaly. Oh, you kids! They have a touching moment reliving moments from Camp Manticore, and Ben says that he wishes he could have stayed there for ever and ever. Max pats his hand and sagely says that she understands, but part of growing up is spending every summer in a musty air-conditioned office so your vacation time can be saved in order to spend Christmas with the in-laws. Camp is just not part of being a grown-up. Ben cries about the sorry lot of adults.

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