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You gotta have faith-a faith-a faith

Ben takes Max to the warehouse where he's storing Father Destry for later use. Max notes that Ben has decorated the place with the Camp Manticore motto. When she unlocks the storeroom to free Father Destry, Ben shoves her into the room, grabs the priest, and locks Max in. She urges the priest to run, and Ben agrees.

You know how, when you have a tape paused for awhile, it will revert back to the TV? Well, I'm easily distracted, so whenever I do these recaps I make sure that the TV is tuned into something positively awful which will make me hurry back to work. Gallagher specials work well, but when those aren't on, my runner up choice is TLC's A Baby Story. In my opinion, there's nothing like big-haired women pushing slimy children into the world, in front of not only their entire families but also a television camera, to make Dark Angel look positively riveting. So, back to our show.

The Captain's coroner source calls to let him know that she found magnesium nitrate under the latest victim's fingernails. Isn't that just fascinating? EO seems to think it's a hint as to where Ben keeps his prisoners. There's a fertilizer factory outside of town (I would certainly hope so!), and EO is sure that the priest is there. The source says that Lydecker took off the second he saw the report.

Back at the factory, Max is crinkling up her delicate little nose as she pries open the door with a sharp metal pipe. She busts out of the impromptu cell just as Lydecker and his troops bust in. My, that was a close call. My heart would be all atwitter, you know, if I cared. Lydecker takes in all the Manticore writings on the wall and looks almost guilty. He tells his troops to search the place. Do these troops just follow him around all the time?

Max is hiking through the woods when she spies Ben standing on the priest's chest. Ben says that the priest's faith wasn't strong enough. Max suggests that they release him and find someone better. She asks Ben nicely to let the priest go. He won't do it. He wants Max to understand why he's doing what he's doing. He wants her to be baptized in his faith. She decides to not ask so nicely, and she pulls her greasy matted hair into a dangerous, sticky whip and knocks Ben off the priest and into a tree. The priest busts a move, and Ben gets mad. They fighty fight fight until Max breaks Ben's leg. Which was actually pretty gross. As Ben collapses on the ground, they hear Lydecker's helicopter escort approaching. Ben starts to cry, asking Max not to leave him. He can't go back to Manticore. They'll stick him with the nomalies. He can't go. Max, however, can't carry him, because she won't be able to run quickly enough to escape Lydecker. Ben cries some more, and then Max asks him to tell her about the place where good soldiers go. He starts to tell her, but is interrupted mid-sentence when Max breaks his neck. She sits for a minute after this and cries some glycerin drops and generally shows all the emotion of a bludgeoned trout.

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