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She Ain't Heavy

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She Ain't Heavy

A hearing convenes. It might be in Washington, D.C. It might be Congress. I'm not really sure. It's very official-looking. The head committee guy talks about how since the transgenics escaped seven months ago, the crime rate has gone up in Seattle, and an unknown viral agent killed a bunch of people in Portland. Cut to Normal stamping papers, watching the hearing on television, and agreeing with what the head guy says. The head guy continues, saying that the committee and the American people want to know how many transgenics are out there, and how they can be contained. Normal talks to the television, answering, "You smoke 'em out and string 'em up, that's how." Normal looks for one of his stamps, but doesn't see it.

That's because two random messenger guys that we've never seen before have stolen it. They stamp something on the bathroom wall and approve of how it turns out. The messengers walk out into the main area of Jam Pony HQ and pass by a random nerdy messenger. They bump into him and, while he's distracted, stamp the back of his neck with a barcode. He asks what's going on, and they dismiss him.

A female messenger walks by wearing a T-shirt with Joshua's police sketch on it that says, "Wanted: Dead or Alive." Max notices it and tells OC that she could do without that shirt. OC says that it doesn't even look like Joshua. A pager goes off and Max quickly checks hers, but OC says that it's hers, then asks if Max was hoping that it was Logan. Max says that it's over between her and Logan, but OC isn't so sure. Max admits that she told Logan that she was seeing someone else. OC asks whom, and Alec walks up and says hello. OC can't believe that Max told Logan that she was seeing Alec. Max says that she knows if she didn't say that, she would eventually forget about the virus and start hanging out with Logan again, which could be deadly. I still say they should just keep a store of Alec and Joshua's blood around, now that they know it works. OC asks if Alec knows that he's Max's new boyfriend, and Max says that he doesn't, and won't if Max can help it.

The two jokesters from earlier tell Normal about the messenger with the barcode. Normal grabs a gun out of his desk. Nerdy messenger is talking to Sketchy, who explains that since the transgenic story hit the mainstream press, the tabloids aren't interested anymore, and now they have him working on "this totally made-up article about some bogus ten-thousand-year-old breeding cult." Remember back in 1993, when Demolition Man came out, and the idea of tabloids telling the truth and no one believing it was a new idea? Normal walks out of his office and trains his gun on Nerdy Messenger, telling him to get down on the ground. Nerdy Messenger is confused, but follows the orders of the man with the gun, which is always a good idea. The other messengers scatter. Max super-speeds over and takes the gun from Normal, unloading it. Max asks Normal what he's doing, and Normal yells that Nerdy Messenger is "one of them" because he has a bar code. Nerdy Messenger feels the back of his neck, smearing the bar code stamp in the process. Normal grabs Nerdy Messenger and touches the bar code, realizing that it's just a stamp. Normal says that anyone could be a transgenic, and they all have to be vigilant. He tells Nerdy Messenger to wash his neck, and orders the jokesters into his office. Alec tries to break the tension by offering to buy everyone a drink at Crash. OC asks Max if she's coming, and Max says no. She tosses the gun back to Normal and stalks off. Normal comments to Sketchy that Max has quite an arm on her, and Sketchy agrees. Did no one notice Max super-speeding over? That would be a dead giveaway, no?

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