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She Ain't Heavy

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She Ain't Heavy

Max sits on the Space Needle, brooding. She voices over that when she first got to Seattle, it felt like home, and she never thought things would get so screwed up. She thinks that things would be just as bad if she had gone somewhere else, but maybe not.

In San Francisco, a girl who looks just like Max (except with wavy hair) walks into an apartment. It's not clear yet whether this is really happening, or if it's Max's dream about what would have happened if she went somewhere else. Max Doppelganger walks in the door and calls out that she's home. A little kid walks up and says that he got a good grade on his spelling test. Max Doppelganger asks if he showed Dad yet, and the father walks up and hugs Max Doppelganger and tells the kid to get cleaned up for dinner. Later, Max Doppelganger reads a book as her husband walks in, having just put the kid to bed. They talk about their upcoming weekend getaway. Just then, a bunch of goons bust into the apartment. Max Doppelganger tosses one of them aside, but another one hits her with a stun gun. Once the husband has been dragged off, White walks into the room and says that Max Doppelganger is a long way from her usual haunts. Max Doppelganger doesn't know what White means. White asks, "Did you think you could hide from me, 452?" Max Doppelganger says that her designation is 453. White checks her bar code, which he can apparently read just by looking at it, then walks away in disgust, saying that Max Doppelganger is a clone.

The Dreaming. Max enters with some groceries. Joshua is busy painting the windows black, and looking sad. Max tries to joke around, but Joshua ignores her. She notices a map on the table with an area outlined in red, and asks him about it. Joshua says that it's Terminal City, an area where there was a biochemical spill. Max says that she's been there, and there's not much to see, but people usually go there when they have nowhere else to go. Joshua says that Alec told him there are other "downstairs people" there, and he wants to go. Max thinks that it's too dangerous, and tries to lighten the discussion by saying that he should forget about Terminal City. Joshua says that everything in the house reminds him of Annie, and The Dreaming isn't his home anymore. Max urges him to hang on, and it'll get better.

Logan starts an Eyes Only bulletin. He gives the usual spiel about how it can't be traced or stopped, and will only last sixty seconds. Logan starts talking about how the transgenics aren't dangerous. Meanwhile, White and his goons are trying to trace the hack, but they don't know if sixty seconds will be enough. Aryan Goon (who I keep thinking will become more important, because he and Otto are the only goons that get any screen time) says that sometimes Logan goes over sixty seconds if he really gets going. Logan concludes the transmission, and the goons are unable to trace it. How come in television and movies, they either complete the trace, or they miss it by only a few seconds? I would love to see a show there they don't complete the trace, and they say, "Wow, we missed that one by a country mile! We would have needed at least five more minutes on that one." White tells Aryan Goon to remind their "Korean friends" that if the technology doesn’t work, they won't get paid. Aryan Goon starts babbling in Korean to the guys sitting at the computers. Otto rushes up with a portfolio containing the results of 453's DNA test.

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