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She Ain't Heavy

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She Ain't Heavy

White tells Max Doppelganger (who is named Sam; we don’t find that out until later, but I'm getting really tired of typing Max Doppelganger) that she's not a true clone, because Max doesn't have any junk DNA, but she does. Sam is wearing this hideous Little House on the Prairie-style skirt. I guess it's better than leather pants. White wants to know where Max is, and Sam claims that she doesn't know, and hasn't had any contact with her. White points out that Max broke her doppelganger out of Manticore. Sam corrects him to say that she was already out, because she was on a deep cover mission for two years. White asks if her husband is just part of her cover. Sam admits that he was at first, but then when Manticore went down, she fell in love and adopted his son. White pretends to be tearing up over the sadness of the story. Sam asks where her husband and son are. White doesn't answer. Sam says that they don't know anything, and White can't believe that she never told them she was built in a lab. Sam begs. White says that they are fine, and she'll see them after she helps him find Max, and he has a lead for her. White explains that Max was admitted to a hospital recently, and he thinks that Max's doctor knows more than he's saying. White wants Sam to find out what the doctor knows, and then find Max. Sam asks about her family. White says that if she pulls this off, the three of them are free to go. Yeah, right. White removes her restraints and comments that he knows that she's thinking she could kill him right now, but she won't, because it might endanger her family. White says that he had family too, before Max took his son away. White gets right in Sam's face and says cheesily that he's really motivated and wants to find Max really badly. He's like Shatner here, with the overacting.

Dr. Carr examines Logan, who is able to move his legs without the leg braces. Dr. Carr points out that the transgenic blood infusion gave him the ability to move his legs, but last time that happened, it wore off after a while. Logan points out that last time, it took a few weeks for him to regain the use of his legs, but this time it happened instantly. Dr. Carr says it might stick this time, but only time will tell.

Sam arrives in the parking garage on her motorcycle. We know it's Sam because she's smoking a cigarette. Her hair has been straightened, and she's wearing a more Max-like outfit. She walks past Logan, who is exiting the building. He says hello, and she just walks right by him with just a "hey," since she doesn't know who he is.

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