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She Ain't Heavy

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She Ain't Heavy

Max arrives at The Dreaming and scolds Joshua for wanting to leave the house. She asks why he's doing this. Joshua sighs that he can't be with "upstairs people" and doesn't want to be alone anymore. Max says that he's not alone, because she's there. Joshua says that she comes and goes, and he's tired of being alone. Aw. Poor Joshua. Max says that if he goes to Terminal City, she won't be able to look after him. Joshua says that she doesn't have to, and at Manticore, he took care of himself and everybody else. Max says that it's different outside. Joshua angrily yells that he needs to be with other people like him. Joshua's storyline becomes more and more like Mask every week. I guess that makes Jessica Alba into Cher. Heh. Joshua picks up his bag and starts to leave. Max pouts that, fine, he can go and be exposed to toxic waste and eat rats. Joshua looks at her and then walks away. Max calls to him sadly, and he turns around, and then walks back and kisses her on the forehead and says goodbye.

White's government contact comes to their makeshift headquarters. White says that they've been subpoenaed. Man, that is a hard word to spell. Government Guy says that Senator McKinley (the committee chair from the opening scenes) is "determined to blow this thing wide open," and that White will take the Fifth. White protests, but Government Guy says that right now, White's priority is to maintain cover. White asks about capturing transgenics, but Government Guy says that as far as he's concerned, transgenics don't exist. He starts to walk out, and says that he'll see White in Washington on Thursday. Government Guy advises White not to wear a black suit. White looks down at himself as if to say, "What? I think I look good." Heh. White turns and asks Aryan Goon how the tracing is going. Aryan Goon says that they got a partial lock onto Eyes Only's position, and they should be able to get a complete lock on the next transmission. Otto and the other goon show up, and White asks why they aren't following Sam. Otto explains that Sam shot out their tires and took off, and said to tell White that she works alone. White says, "That's my girl. Good to know she's on board."

Sam stands outside Jam Pony HQ, observing and smoking a cigarette. Is it wrong that I already like Sam more than Max? Sam watches Logan walk into the building, and then a few moments later sees Max walking out of the building. Sam checks her watch and shakes her head. She walks into the building and immediately runs into Logan. He says hello and asks if she is in fact speaking to him. Sam tries to hide the fact that she doesn't recognize him, until he reveals that he's the same guy she saw outside Dr. Carr's office. Sam realizes that he's Logan. Sam tries to step around him, but Logan says that it's bad enough that she won't return his calls or come over, but now that she's seeing someone else, she's going to treat him like a stranger. He's really being a dick. And kind of creepy. Sam figures out the story and says bitchily, "Yeah, I already told you. It's over." She brushes past Logan and walks away.

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