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She Ain't Heavy

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She Ain't Heavy

Joshua hangs out with the other transgenics in a warehouse. He notes that they have electricity. A runty one asks if Joshua has any skills or special talents. Joshua says that he paints pictures. Joshua asks where they got the guns, and the leader says that they stole them. Runty comments that they keep "the ordinaries" away. Joshua asks what that means, and the leader says that the ordinaries are humans. Various members of the gang reveals that the humans mostly stay away because of the toxins, and that there are various transgenic groups in the area, but everyone tends to stick with their own kind. The leader asks if Joshua had any weapons training, and says that he'll teach Joshua what he needs to know, and hands him a gun. Runty tells another transgenic named Dix that there's someone outside, visible on the security monitors.

Cut to Alec, approaching the warehouse. He stops when he hears guns being cocked. Dix tells Alec not to move. Alec says that he's X5. Runty tells him to head over to Oak Street with his own kind. Alec says that he's looking for a friend of his, and Joshua says, "You found him."

Sam puts her wedding ring on. Max asks if she's married, and Sam reveals that she has a husband and a little boy. Max thinks she's lucky. Sam says that she had a normal life until White came and ruined it. Max apologizes. Sam says that everyone will go back to normal when she turns Max over to White, and that she doesn't have a lot of options. We see that Logan is nearby, hiding behind a pillar. Sam says that Max doesn't know what it means to have a family, and she would probably run off and save herself like she always does. Max and Sam both hear a clanking noise, and Sam goes off to investigate. Max looks around and sees Logan creeping up in the shadows. She tells him to untie her. He pauses, and asks how he knows that it's really her. Look at the gunshot wound! Just then, Sam drops down from about three stories up. Logan can't figure out which one is really Max. Sam walks up and kicks him. Max frees herself. Fight! Fight!

Max and Sam circle each other. They really should have stayed away from the long shots in this sequence, because it's painfully obvious which one is not Jessica Alba. The stunt double is like an inch taller. They fight. Sam gets Max in an armlock and says that it's no use, because she has ten more years of training than Max. Max says, "Yeah, but they didn't teach you to fight dirty." Then Max smacks Sam in the head, which I'm not really sure is fighting dirty, but whatever.

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