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The Berrisford Agenda

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The Berrisford Agenda

Max walks into Jam Pony HQ and hears two women quarreling. She asks OC what's going on. OC tells her that two of their co-workers are fighting in the back, and Sketchy adds that Normal is back there trying to break it up. Max asks what started the fight. OC disgustedly answers that the women are fighting over a man. Alec adds with a grin that the guy in question is worthy. Max asks Alec what he did to start this. OC fills her in: Alec told one lady that he loved her, and then went out with the other lady. So why are the women yelling at each other, again, instead of at Alec? Alec denies that he told the lady that he loved her. Instead, he called her "a unique creature unlike any other." Sketchy asks if that really works, and Alec assures him that it does. Okay, two problems with Alec's line. First of all, it's redundant. If she is a unique creature, that automatically means that she is unlike any other. That's what "unique" means. It's like saying that she is a scary creature who causes fright. And second of all -- isn't that paraphrased from a movie? For some reason, I'm thinking St. Elmo's Fire, but it's been a while since I watched it, so I'm not sure. Regardless, any woman who falls for that line deserves whatever happens to her. Max feels the same way.

Normal walks back up front, looking like he got in the middle of the warfare, and tells everyone to get back to work. OC and Sketchy go to check out the status of the fighting ladies. Normal says something to Alec about the problem, and Alec promises that it won't happen again. Normal yells something about forbidding office romances, and then, just as Max comes up, announces that the two fighting ladies have both quit, meaning unpaid overtime for the rest of them. Max is pissed, because she has plans. Normal doesn't care. OC calls Alec into the back room, because the fighting ladies want a word with him. Alec asks Max what she thinks they want. Max decides that the fighting ladies finally figured out whom they should be angry with. Exactly. Max takes off for a delivery, and Alec decides to tag along.

Max and Alec ride their bikes along the street. Alec explains how he never intended to get into this mess. Then as they arrive at their destination, a huge mansion with a gated entrance, Alec falls off his bike for no apparent reason. Seriously. I watched it a couple of times to see if he hit a crack in the road or something. I guess he was supposed to be so engrossed in conversation that he missed the fact that Max was stopping, and tried to stop quickly, and thus fell. Anyway. They're standing at the gates of a house. Alec says that if he had told the two ladies what was going on, they both would have been angry with him anyway. Max tells him to shut up and ring the buzzer. He starts to, but then suddenly goes into a flashback that's very confusing. In it, someone is giving him orders at Manticore, and then he's wearing glasses, and then he's ringing the buzzer, and then he's meeting a pretty lady, and then a car explodes. It will all become clear as time goes on, but all you need to know right now is that the buzzer triggered the flashback, and that Alec has clearly been there before. Max snaps Alec out of his reverie, and he rings the buzzer. He waits a second, and then suggests that no one is home and they should leave. Max tells him to try again, because it's a gigantic mansion and it might take the owner a while to get to the door. Alec quickly buzzes again. A security camera on the gate focuses on his face. Alec doesn't wait very long before insisting that they leave, and he tosses the package over the gate and onto the grounds. Max is upset that they didn't get a signature, but Alec says coldly, "I said, let's go." They take off, all the while under the watchful eye of the security camera. Max looks "thoughtful." She has her hood up so it's difficult to tell, since she couldn't flip her hair around to indicate emotion.

Max and Logan are driving somewhere is the Asstek. Max makes fun of the Asstek, and Logan give me a shout-out (hey, let me be delusional) about how many time the car has been shot up and put back together. Max fills Logan in on the Alec troubles at work. Logan calls Alec "the lovable rogue X5." Max continues to bitch about how Alec should know better, because they weren't allowed to date within their unit at Manticore. Were they allowed to date at all? Logan brings up the breeding partner thing, which Max terms "disgusting." Hmm. Max sure is awful upset about Alec seeing other women, even if she couches it in terms of the fact that his dating issues caused her extra work.

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