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The Berrisford Agenda

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The Berrisford Agenda

OC and Joshua are setting up for a dinner party in The Dreaming. Joshua fumbles around and says that he wants everything to be perfect. OC assures him that it is perfect. Cut back to Logan and Max in the Asstek. Logan says that he's looking forward to spending time with Joshua. Max thinks that they will get along great, and reminds Logan not to stare. Logan jokes that he won't stare at the dog-boy. Max adds that Joshua has weird eating habits and poor hygiene. Logan says that he knows how to handle himself at a dinner party: "Fix myself a dry martini and ask after his stock options." It's nice to see Logan a little more light-hearted -- he's usually so serious about everything.

Cut to Joshua greeting Logan with extreme enthusiasm, and Logan looking a bit taken aback. Logan hands Joshua a bottle of wine and babbles about how he chose white wine because he didn't know what they were having. Joshua announces that they are having macaroni and cheese with little hot dogs. Logan asks what else they are having, and OC sasses, "What else do you need?" ["Word." -- Sars] More awkwardness ensues. Max says that the table looks great, and asks who the fifth setting is for. Alec shows up.

At dinner, Joshua shovels food into his mouth and no one talks. Joshua tries to make small talk about the weather. Logan responds with something about how it hasn't been rainy, and then silence reigns again. Joshua breaks it by asking, "Virus...bitch going down? Max and Logan getting busy?" Logan chuckles awkwardly, and OC advises Joshua that they shouldn't talk about sex or politics at the dinner table. Alec asks Max to pass the ketchup (for the mac and cheese?) and Max teases, "Oh, you mean this unique ketchup unlike any other?" Alec gets pissy and tells her to lay off, and then stomps away from the table to "stretch [his] legs." Joshua worries that there's something is wrong with the food, and Logan clarifies that Alec is upset. Logan tells Max that she might want to give Alec a break. Max says that she's pissed off about the extra work. Logan defends Alec by saying that he didn't ask those girls to quit, and it's not like they were sisters. OC caps the conversation by intoning, "Men and dogs. No difference." Then she takes a bite of a hot dog. I couldn't make that up.

Alec stomps into the basement of The Dreaming all angry and reflective. He finds a piano and plays with the keys. This triggers a flashback similar to the last one, but with more detail. This time we see that Alec was assigned a target as an X5 named Berrisford, and went undercover. Then the girl showed up, and then the car exploded. Back in real time, Alec sits down at the piano and starts playing. Upstairs, Max asks what the noise is. Joshua says that it's Alec playing the piano in the basement. Logan asks Max if she knew that Alec could play, and Max bitches, "Who cares?" God, she is such a snot.

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