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The Berrisford Agenda

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The Berrisford Agenda

Downstairs, Alec continues to play the piano forcefully, which leads to a flashback. Alec sits in a lab at Manticore, playing the piano with quite a bit of skill. The official dudes watch him and say that Alec has picked up the skill even faster than they hoped, since they only started the lessons the day before. Alec finishes the song, and the official dudes walk into the room and compliment him, and then mention that this will be his first undercover mission. One official dude mentions that Alec has had four successful "away missions," but nothing long-term in the field. Bigwig Dude says that he wants Alec deployed by the end of the week.

Cut to a Chris Klein look-alike walking out of a shower and looking for something on his dresser. Alec walks up, wearing glasses, and asks if Chris Klein was looking for them. Then he uses a wire to kill Chris Klein. Alec rummages through the dresser and a coat hanging on the wall until he finds Chris Klein's wallet. He takes Chris Klein's ID and puts it in place of his own.

Cut to Alec walking up to a gate, wearing a suit and the glasses. It's the same gate where he delivered the package at the beginning of the episode. He announces that his name is "Simon Lehane" (Chris Klein's real name), and is buzzed in. A butler or bodyguard lets him into the mansion. A flashback within a flashback shows Alec being told that his target is Robert Berrisford, who has business dealings with Manticore but has been asking too many questions lately. Alec's entrée into the family is through Berrisford's daughter, Rachel, who is seventeen, an only child, and whose mother died when she was ten. Back in the original flashback (are you following me here?), Alec meets Rachel, a pretty girl standing by the window.

Back in the basement, Alec takes a heart-shaped locket out of his coat pocket and gazes at it. Flashback to Rachel playing the piano while Alec paces around, listening. She asks if she's doing all right, and he tells her to watch her dynamics. Rachel breaks into "Linus and Lucy" and asks how that is. See, she's not only beautiful and smart, but she's sassy too! Berrisford walks in and says that Rachel must be expanding her repertoire. Rachel says that Alec is more fun than her last teacher. Berrisford introduces himself to Alec, and then says that Rachel will use any excuse to avoid practice. He advises Alec to be firm. Heh. Berrisford leaves, and Alec tells Rachel that her father seems nice. Rachel says that it's just been the two of them since her mom died, and asks if Alec is close to his parents. Alec says that his parents died a long time ago. Rachel is sad for him, and Alec says that they should get back to the piano. Then it fast-forwards to the car exploding and Alec looking upset. Cut back to the present day, where Alec is choking Joshua; Max pulls them apart. Alec apologizes to Joshua. Max asks what's going on, and Alec brushes her concerns aside. Joshua picks up the locket and hands it back to Alec, who assures Joshua that he is "always all right." Then Alec thanks Joshua for dinner and leaves.

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