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The Berrisford Agenda

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The Berrisford Agenda

Back at his new pad (formerly Brain's place), Alec pours himself a drink. His phone rings, and when he answers it, he hears classical piano music playing. The same music that Rachel played! Cut to Alec sneaking around outside the Berrisford mansion and looking in the window. Flashback to Alec reporting to the officials, who compliment him on his fine work. Alec reports that Rachel has invited him to dinner. The official dudes ask if Rachel has "a romantic interest" in him, and Alec thinks that she does. The officials want him to play along. Cut to the night of the dinner party. Alec and Rachel sneak out of the house and walk up to the pool. Alec thinks that they shouldn't be gone too long, because her father will suspect something. Rachel assures him that her father is busy with his "business cronies" and won't even notice. Rachel is wearing the heart-shaped locket that Alec was gazing at earlier in the episode. Rachel comments that most boys would rather spend time with a girl than sit around and listen to a bunch of old men talk about genetics. Alec says that he's "not most boys." Rachel asks if he wants to go for a swim. Alec agrees. Rachel asks him to turn around so that she can get undressed. Cut to the two of them in the pool, wearing their underwear. Ooh, shirtless Alec. The forums are going to love that one. Rachel says that she's been throwing herself at him, and asks if he likes her. Alec says that he does, and they kiss. Then they stare at each other, and Alec adds, "I like you a lot." The flashback fast-forwards to the officials telling Alec that he's supposed to follow orders, and Alec yelling, "Rachel!" and the car exploding. Back in present-day, Alec sees a female figure pass by the window in the Berrisford Mansion and whispers, "Rachel."

Max walks into Jam Pony HQ. Normal yells at her for not getting a signature on the delivery to the Berrisford mansion. Max blames Alec, but Normal says that Alec called in sick, so Max has to do it. Cut to Max arriving at the Berrisford mansion and being let in by a maid. Max explains what she needs, and the maid takes the paper to find someone who can sign it. Why can't the maid sign it? Because that wouldn't give Max time to look around. Max looks around the joint. She sees a painting of Berrisford, his wife, and little Rachel, who is wearing the heart-shaped locket. Max makes the connection with the locket that Alec had the night before. The maid returns, and Max clarifies that the signature says "R. Berrisford" before leaving.

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