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The Berrisford Agenda

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The Berrisford Agenda

Alec sits in his apartment, gazing at the heart-shaped locket. Flashback to Alec working at a computer in Berrisford's home, copying files. Rachel walks in on him just as he finishes up, and asks what he's doing. Alec claims that he got lost looking for the bathroom. Rachel points him in the right direction, and he tells her that she's got him all turned around. They practically start doing it right there in her dad's office, and Rachel breaks away and confesses, "I love you." Rachel notices that Alec's hands are shaking. Because he's in love! Alec steals a line from Say Anything where he blames the shaking on happiness. They start practically doing it again. Back in the present day, Alec splashes some water on his face, and when he looks in the mirror, he thinks that he sees Rachel standing behind him. So he punches the mirror! He's a bad-ass!

Max walks into The Dreaming and finds Joshua painting. She asks what the subject is, and Joshua says that it's about Alec. Max carefully tells Joshua that he can't trust Alec all the time. Joshua asks if she thinks Alec can outsmart him, and then says that Alec doesn't know himself. Joshua points out how his painting shows that Alec has pretty colors on the outside, but is dark and confused on the inside, about Manticore.

Alec sits at the bar at Crash, drinking and thinking. Max walks up and sits down next to OC, who asks what's up with Alec. Max doesn't know. OC says that she's never seen Alec all anguished and tortured. Max says that she knows she'll regret it, but she's going to check on him. OC doesn't mind, because she's looking to hook up with some chick by the pool table.

Max walks over to Alec and sits down, then asks about the locket. She tells him that she saw the painting at the Berrisford mansion, and she knows there's a connection there. Alec tells her to mind her knitting, and keeps drinking. Max says that she'll help him if he needs it, but he should ask earlier rather than later. Alec says she doesn't know what she's talking about. Max asks him to explain it to her. Alec says that she can't understand, because she ran away from Manticore before it got "a whole lot worse." Alec adds, "You did what you had to do, and then you tried to forget. And when you couldn't forget, they had ways of making you not care." I know that line sounds ridiculously overdramatic on paper, but Jensen Ackles does a good job of delivering it reined in a little bit. Max apologizes. Alec says, "I don't want your pity. I want your absence." I'm going to have to remember that one. Max walks off.

Alec walks out of the bar, and some thugs follow him. They call him by his alias from when he was working at the Berrisford Mansion. They fight. Alec gets hit with a stun gun. Max walks out and takes charge, saving Alec from the gun. There is more fighting. Alec is kicking one guy in the ribs repeatedly and, some might say, in an out-of-control fashion. Max stops him. Alec tells her to stay away from him, and storms off. Max smells the fart.

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