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The Berrisford Agenda

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The Berrisford Agenda

Max walks into Logan's apartment and asks him to pull up some information on Berrisford. Cut to Alec walking down a dark street; his phone rings. He answers and hears the piano music again. Flashback to Rachel. Alec gives the information he got from Berrisford's computer to Bigwig, and gets compliments for his work. Official Dude #2 suggests that they take the opportunity to send a message to all of their suppliers. Bigwig orders Alec to "eliminate the target" the next day. Bigwig knows that Berrisford takes Rachel to school in the morning, and orders Alec to take them both out. Back in the present, Alec looks at his phone and then throws it against the wall.

Logan finds some information on Berrisford. He tells Max that Berrisford is the former CEO of a genetics company. Two years ago, someone planted a bomb under his car, but he didn't die. A few days later, he made a deal with the FBI and closed his company. Max wonders what that has to do with Alec. Logan suggests that Berrisford's company's biggest client was probably Manticore. Max wonders if Alec was responsible for the car bomb, and Logan says that Alec might have drawn that assignment. Logan pieces together that Berrisford is still alive, and that he spotted Alec on the security camera when they made the delivery and sent his henchmen (and boy, do I gotta get me some henchmen) to take out Alec. Logan asks what Alec is trained to do when someone is trying to take him out, and Max replies that Alec will try to take out that person first. Logan asks Max what she's going to do, already knowing that the answer is that she's going to try to stop Alec from doing something stupid. Max takes off, and says that she knows that Logan wants her to be careful.

Alec approaches the Berrisford mansion. Flashback to Alec meeting with Berrisford in his home office. Berrisford offers up a drink and apologizes for drinking in the middle of the day himself, but he has some business problems. Berrisford says that Alec's piano services won't be needed after this week, because he's sending Rachel to stay with her grandparents in New York. Berrisford asks Alec not to mention it to Rachel yet. Alec understands. Berrisford gives a big speech about how nice it must be to be young with no cares, and how everything changes once you have children. Rachel walks in and notes that her lesson is supposed to start. She gives her dad a big hug and kiss.

Cut to Alec talking to Bigwig, who asks if he understands the mission. Alec says that he doesn't know why he has to take out Rachel too. Bigwig says that Alec's job is to follow orders, and if he can't do that, he'll be eliminated himself. There's another '80s movie reference as Bigwig asks if that's clear and Alec Judd-Nelsons, "Crystal."

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