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The Berrisford Agenda

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The Berrisford Agenda

Back in the present, Alec hops the fence at Berrisford Mansion. Flashback to Alec preparing the car bomb. Cut to Alec placing the car bomb under Berrisford's car and sneaking off while holding the remote detonator. Alec spots Rachel in her room, packing. He flashes back to Rachel saying that she loves him, Berrisford commenting that sometimes the right thing can go so wrong, and Bigwig ordering Alec to take them both out. Alec sneaks up to the house, staring at the detonator in his hand. He hears Berrisford coming out to his car and being greeted by his driver, so Alec hides behind a column. Flashback to kissing in the pool, intercut with Bigwig asking if he understands the assignment. Alec runs into the house, where he meets Rachel coming down the stairs. She asks what he's doing. Alec says that he doesn't have much time, but she needs to leave town with her father right now. Rachel wants to know what's happening. Alec hesitates for a minute, and then confesses that he was sent there to kill her father. He adds, "It was my job. You were my job." Rachel starts crying and then slaps him across the face. Berrisford calls for Rachel, and she runs out to the car screaming. Alec calls after her, but a henchman comes up and starts beating him up. Alec quickly dispatches the henchman and then takes off after Rachel. When he arrives outside, he sees Rachel running to the car, and then the car explodes. But…the detonator? Did Alec push it? A Manticore guy pulls up and tells Alec to get in. And he has a detonator in his hand. Ahh. Quick montage of Alec resisting getting into the car, and then Alec being reprogrammed a la Zack, and then a dazed Alec being thrown in solitary confinement in the basement of Manticore. Kind of makes you wish this was like Oz where the people put in solitary confinement almost always give you full frontal nudity.

Back in the present, Alec runs up to the doors of Berrisford Mansion and busts his way in. A henchman tries to stop him, but Alec just smacks him aside and keeps walking. He hears piano music as he continues up the stairs. Another henchman tries to stop him, and he tosses the dude down the stairs. Alec reaches the piano music, where he sees a woman looking out the window. She turns…and it's not Rachel. Alec asks where Rachel is. Berrisford walks up behind Alec and puts a gun to the back of his head, saying, "Welcome back, son."

Alec is sitting in a chair in Berrisford's office, hands tied behind his back. Berrisford accuses Alec of coming into his house and lying to his child. Alec starts to say something, and Berrisford bitch-slaps him. Alec realizes that Berrisford made the phone calls and played the music. Well, duh. Isn't he supposed to be, like, super-smart? I guess he was blinded by love. Berrisford says he needed to get Alec back there. Alec asks what Berrisford is going to do now. Berrisford says, "What do you think I'm going to do?" He points his gun at Alec's head. Cut to Max zooming down the road on her motorcycle. Alec uses the strategy of "keep your opponent talking so he can't, you know, kill you," and asks what happened to Rachel. Berrisford is surprised that Alec doesn't know that Rachel saved his (Berrisford's) life. Flashback to Rachel reaching the car and pulling her father out just before the blast, when they were both knocked unconscious. Berrisford concludes that Rachel fell into a coma and never woke up. Cut to Max arriving at the house. Berrisford tells Alec that Rachel has been dying for two years and continues to talk and talk about it, like, just kill him already and get it over with, dude!

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