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The Berrisford Agenda

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The Berrisford Agenda

Max walks into Berrisford Mansion and sees the henchmen that Alec beat up. Berrisford points the gun at Alec's head, but his hand is shaking and he is crying. Alec tells Berrisford to shoot him, because he deserves it. Max shows up and knocks Berrisford out. Alec asks what she's doing there. Max says she's saving him, and she told him to ask for help before it was too late. Max unties Alec, who says that he told her to leave him alone and walks out.

Alec sits by Rachel's bedside and says that he should have tried harder, but he didn't understand how much he loved her. He starts crying, but smiles slightly. He takes the locket and presses it into her hand, and then puts his head on her bed and cries. Max watches silently from the doorway, and then leaves Alec to his private moment with his girlfriend in a coma. I know, I know, it's serious.

Max walks into Logan's pad and says that she paged him. Logan says that she hasn't been by for a few days. Max explains that she's been busy at work covering for Alec, because he's called in sick. Logan has something to show her. They walk to the computer, and Logan pulls up an obituary for Rachel Berrisford. Max says that at least Alec had a chance to say goodbye. Logan asks if Alec really cared for Rachel, and Max says that he loved her. Logan thinks that Max should look out for Alec for the next few days, but Max says softly that Alec wants to be left alone and pretend like it never happened, and that he's so cut off. Logan says it sounds like a girl he used to know who was only looking out for herself with no responsibilities or entanglements. Max adds that she was trying to run away from all the things that they made her do, but they always catch up to you, and she learned that the hard way. Logan comments that it's Alec's turn now.

Alec stands and looks at Rachel's grave. Berrisford walks up and orders him not to come back again. Alec turns to leave, and Berrisford adds that he thought he could kill Alec because he hates him that much. But even though Rachel is gone, he still wants to do the right thing and make Rachel proud. Berrisford concludes, "I don't want to be like you." Berrisford walks away.

Max walks into Jam Pony HQ and says hello to Alec, who returns the greeting quietly. Max tells him that if he ever wants to talk about anything…Alec interrupts with a smirk and says, "Now why would I want to do that?" Max says that the offer is always open. Alec thanks her for saving his ass. Max asks if he's all right. Alec smiles sadly and says that he's always all right. Aw. I love Alec. Poor, sad, tortured Alec. He has so much pain. He just needs the right woman to heal him. And it's not Max.

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