Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

by LuluBates April 22, 2001
The Jose Malina Interview

MBTV: And if she was going to be in heat, why would she do it with Scrappy Doo?
JM: He had an open can of tuna in his pockets. That part got cut in editing.

MBTV: Do you watch the show? Or do you steer clear of it like I steer clear of anything involving Steve Guttenberg (as in to say, I avoid it like the clap)?
JM: Steve Guttenburg, or "The Gute" as I like to call him, is a close personal friend (of someone's, I'm sure) and I'm very offended by that question. Didn't you see Zeus and Roxanne? The man is a living legend! To answer your question, yes, I do watch the show, every Tuesday night, after Buffy. I'm a big fan of me. Plus, I usually force my fiancé and our friends to watch with me. It's a good time, you should come over.

MBTV: Why does the Jam Pony crew drink Heineken? Did Seattle lose its sense of taste along with its online banking capabilities?
JM: Ah, yes. Well, the reasoning behind that is that we really want to use the sentence "grab a Heiney" in dialogue. We've been waiting to do it all season, so don't act all surprised when we spring it on you.

MBTV: What's your background like? Did you start out in science-fiction writing or soft-core or sitcom writing?
JM: Soft-core porn, actually. I used to write the dirty letters from Showtime's The Red Shoe Diaries. You've heard the line "OH, YES, RIGHT THERE!" That's mine. Actually, Dark Angel is my second professional writing gig. My first was on a short-lived ABC show called Strange World, from executive producer Howard Gordon (of X-Files fame). My episode didn't air here in the States, but it played like a bad boy in Ireland. I have the residual check to prove it. Also read / watched a lot of sci-fi / fantasy in high school. I have my official geek club membership card to prove it.

MBTV: Did you develop and pitch the idea for the show? Or were you hired later?
JM: Jim always consults me first on all his projects. So, of course I was there at its conception. And then they splashed cold water on my face and I came to.

MBTV: If you developed it, where did the idea come from? And did the characters turn out the way you envisioned them?
JM: Um...see [above].

MBTV: How involved is James Cameron? Is he always around, or does he just deign to allow his name to be used in the credits? Is he as lame as he sounds?
JM: Jim is a prince among men, and shame on you for thinking otherwise. He's actually very involved in the stories we do.

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