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This is the Dave I know

Brooks resignedly stands up, and is all "your friend, huh?" He retrieves a file folder from his desk, and says he's going to show him something that might upset him. My initial reaction was thank GOD they weren't leaving this reveal for the end of the episode; I suppose the writers guessed most people would have figured it out by now. Brooks hands Hurley the picture he took for the bulletin board; Hurley looks at it, and his eyes go wide. "Dave isn't your friend, Hugo, because Dave doesn't exist." The music swells as Hurley stares at a picture of himself with his arm draped out as if around someone's shoulder, but there's no one there. Are we sure Dave isn't just a vampire? Hurley is presumably also amazed that the doctor took the picture while there was sunshine streaming through the windows; the people in the picture would have been quite underexposed, but the doctor has a magic camera that reverses it so that the windows are pitch black somehow.

We pan down from pictures of Hurley's mama and his grandfather on his dresser to the bed, where Hurley's sleeping facedown. We hear a "Pssst! Wake up, dude!" and Dave's there, drumming on Hurley's back. Hurley groggily turns over. "Finally! You could sleep through a NASCAR race, dude!" says Dave. Three hours of cars turning left? Think I could catch some shut-eye myself. Since he's learned that Dave's not here, man, Hurley's somewhat distressed to see him standing there, and tells Dave he's just a hallucination. So Dave slaps him. Hurley thinks maybe he just imagined Dave slapped him, so Dave slaps him again and says they could do this all night. Hurley should introduce Dave to Sawyer, is what I'm thinking. So Hurley tells Dave about the picture in which his arm is draped around nothing but air, and Dave says, "Kinko's? PhotoShop? What, you think they really blew up the Death Star?" and Hurley says, "No," like they both believe that the Death Star is still out there or something. Hurley either doesn't know anything about PhotoShop, or Lost takes place in an alternate universe where the latest version of PhotoShop somehow prints out pictures on Polaroid film, because he accepts Dave's explanation, and when Dave heads to the door and says, "Are you in or out, dude?" Hurley gets out of bed and follows him out into the hall.

Walking down the corridor, Dave helpfully points to a tray outside another patient's door and says Marcus didn't finish his lasagna, and asks if Hurley wants one for the road. Hurley doesn't need much convincing, and snacks on the food as they head to the stairs. From there, they can look down to where a security guard is in his cage. Dave says to wait for it, and a second later, the guard checks his watch and then heads out, presumably to patrol the grounds. Dave asks Hurley for "tippy-toes, big guy," and then says, "Vamonos."

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