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This is the Dave I know

They make their way into what looks like the common room and head for a padlocked window. Not to worry, because Dave reminds Hurley that he took the keys off Brooks's desk earlier. This is news to everyone; even Hurley seems sort of surprised, but he fishes the keys out and opens the inner window, and pushes the outer window open. They smell the open air, which Dave smells like freedom, and asks if Hurley knows what smells even better than freedom. Lt. Col. Frank Slade, you shut up. The answer is "cheeseburgers."

Dave climbs onto the sill and drops onto the ground outside. He starts cackling; Hurley still looks unsure about the whole business. "Come on, man! Chili fries on me!" he says, but Hurley says he doesn't think he can do this, since Dave's not actually real and he's just the part of Hurley that wants cheeseburgers (don't forget chili fries!). Dave angrily asks if Hurley took the pills, and Hurley says he didn't but he's just not coming. "Look, you don't want me to get better. You don't want me to change," he says, and Dave says Hurley doesn't need to change, because he's fine. And also great, in fact! But Hurley says he's not: "You just want me to stay fat. You don't want me get better. You wouldn't care if I ate myself to death." Dave tells him not to do this, and adds that if Hurley doesn't come with him now, then he's never getting out of the institution. Hurley thinks about this, and just says, "Bye, dude." He closes the window, and locks it, leaving Dave standing there, mouth open.

Back on Craphole Island, Hurley's got his eyes shut tight. He opens them, and looks up hopefully. Dave's still standing in front of him. So he screws his eyes shut again, and opens them back up. No dice. Dave there. Jessica Alba (for example) not there. Dave dryly asks if Hurley wouldn't happen to have his slipper. Which Hurley does, and he resignedly hands it over to him. Dave sits down beside him, and then bitches that Hurley got peanut butter on his slipper. Then he says he knows Hurley's freaking out right now, but things are going to get worse before they get better. This does not sound like good news to Hurley. Dave asks if he's ready. Hurley nods, almost imperceptibly. Dave asks if Hurley remembers the night he closed the window on him, what he did after that night. Hurley says, "I realized that you were imaginary." Dave nods. Hurley says that was the breakthrough, and then later Brooks let him out, he went home to live with his mom, he got his job at Mr. Clucks back. "And I got better!" Dave's had his smirk on for everything Hurley has said, starting with "breakthrough," and now is all, "Here's the thing: none of that ever happened." Hurley's all, "What?" Dave says, "You're still at Santa Rosa, man. You never left the hospital."

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