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This is the Dave I know

Hurley's preoccupied, however, because he sees Harry from Sex and the City through the crowd of scavengers. Harry is staring right at him, and he smiles and nods knowingly at him. An apprehensive Hurley makes his way over to the other side of the supply drop, and naturally Harry's no longer there, despite the spin-cam's best efforts to find him. He's now off to the side, grinning at Hurley. Then he turns away and slowly walks into the jungle. After a moment, Hurley follows him. Libby watches him leave.

Hurley breaks into a trot as he tries to chase down Harry, and Hurley's forced to admit defeat when he falls on his face. Lest we're supposed to think this is all in Hurley's mind, right near where he's fallen is a grey slipper, which apparently came off Harry's foot. And the way the music swells and Hurley says, "Oh, man," you'd think Harry's severed foot was still inside it.

Hurley's sitting on the beach, staring at the slipper while he spins it around in his hand. Libby strolls up and says hey, and asks what he's doing ("nothin'"), and who he was looking for up there ("no one"). She does not ask who that guy was that Hurley was following. She does not ask about the slipper Hurley's holding, which the camera very conspicuously follows as he puts it down on the sand beside him. She starts to say that when he ran off, it sort of looked like he was looking for someone. The number of people deducing that Hurley's hallucinating is going up by the second, I have to figure -- if not because of his already-established mental problems, then because of the general hallucinating that goes on on this island. Anyway, Hurley doesn't want to talk about what he was doing, so Libby starts in with how it's like the island doesn't want him to lose weight, since right after he destroyed his stash, they find more food. "How 'bout that," says a distinctly unamused Hurley. Libby says she's proud of him, and he asks why. "For not freaking out," she says. Hurley stares straight ahead as we flash back...

…to a psychiatrist's office, with Hurley being asked how the diet is going. "It's going okay," says Hurley, saying he had a chicken breast and some salad for lunch. "It gets easier, I promise," says the doctor, who's probably never bought pants with a waist bigger than 34. The doctor asks how Hurley's visit with his mom went, and Hurley says it was good. "You're not still mad at her," leads the doctor, which Hurley acknowledges, saying he knows his mom put him in there for a reason: the accident (of which we know nothing yet). The doctor asks if he wants to talk about that now. Hurley's reluctant. "Hugo, you've been here almost two months now; don't you think it's time to start getting our hands dirty?"

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