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This is the Dave I know

Hurley says nothing, so the doctor changes gears again and asks if Hurley did his homework. Man, if I were crazy, the last thing I'd want would be for my doctor to give me homework. Hurley didn't do it, though, since he was never any good at it, he says, even if it's something as simple as listing the things he likes about himself. Hurley protests that no one else had to do it. "'Nobody else,' meaning?" prompts the doctor. "Well, Dave didn't do it. He said it was a stupid idea." The doctor says he's not Dave's doctor. "But we have talked about how he can be a very negative influence," he says. I'm kind of on Dave's side here, though, and it's Hurley's opinion that Dave's the most normal person in the joint. But he doesn't want you to change, does he? asks the doctor, and it took me an inordinate amount of time to remember this guy was in the X-Men movies.

In some crappy gym, the inmates have a pickup game of basketball going as Hurley strolls in. There's Dave, in the same ratty bathrobe and pyjamas he was wearing when Hurley "saw" him on Craphole Island. He's yelling at the other inmates, and how nice for me to find out that my wife thinks this is pretty much how I'd behave if I were playing pickup basketball in a mental institution. But come on! That guy in the orange is totally travelling! And then he steps out of bounds! It doesn't bother me if you're crazy, but that's no excuse for cheating! Anyway, the other inmates are paying Dave no mind, which could be for any number of reasons, with the main one being that he's kind of a dick. He spies Hurley, and strolls over, asking Hurley if he wants in the game, because probably no one will even notice. Hurley's kind of spaced out, so Dave says, "What's the matter with you?" all sensitive-like. Hurley says, "Nothing," and at any rate, Dave starts yelling, "Dude! Dude, give up the rock!" like he's at Rucker Park or something, and someone does indeed pass the ball, but right over Dave's head to Hurley, but to be fair Dave is barely four feet tall and I wouldn't be passing to a card-carrying member of the Lollipop Guild if he were on my team either. Dave yells some more about this, in vain.

Anyway, Dave wants to blow because it's "taco night" and Hurley says his doctor (whose name turns out to be Brooks) says Dave is a bad influence. Dave responds to this with a hearty, "Well, duh!" and then tells Hurley not to let the psychobabble get in his head, because there are more important things to worry about, like hard or soft shell, chicken or shrimp, and...well, that's just great. Now I want a taco. Then Dave starts speaking in Spanish, which I recognize because I know the word amigo, but I couldn't completely make out what he was saying, something about tacos, whatever those are.

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