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This is the Dave I know

Hurley gives chase, and bursts through the trees into Charlie and Eko's construction zone, which really should be fenced off with boards (with peepholes so passing Lostaways can watch what's going on). Winded, he stops to catch his breath. Charlie asks if he's okay, and Hurley asks if either of them saw a guy in a bathrobe run by carrying a coconut. Not that it's not an odd question, but Charlie decides to be a dick about it and say that he saw a "polar bear on Rollerblades with a mango." Thank god Eko can be civil and say he didn't see anything. "Yeah, me either," says Hurley, and we head into flashback.

Hurley's playing Connect 4 with Leonard, who is, as we last saw him, muttering those damn numbers over and over again. He's also whipping Hurley's ass. Dave's watching, and it's his theory that Lenny's using his "magic numbers" as a distraction, and he laughingly says he's on to Lenny's "juju," but Hurley says they're just numbers. Yes, numbers that will ruin your life. And then Dave freaks out because Hurley's mid-afternoon snack is a plate of celery. I love celery, but Dave would prefer that Hurley steal one of Leonard's graham crackers: "What's he gonna do, call you a 23?" So Hurley snags one, and scarfs it down.

Next on the bad-influence checklist is getting Hurley not to take his medicine, dropped off by "Nurse Lazenby." Dave says that if Hurley wants to get out of here, he shouldn't take the "horse tranquilizer." Hurley starts to talk about what Dr. Brooks says, but Dave interrupts him: "Dr. Brooks does not care about you, man; he's the one prescribing that crap!" Dave then asks what the pills are; they're two largish blue ones. "Clonazepam," says Hurley. But the pharmaceutical lesson is interrupted by Dr. Brooks showing up, cheerfully asking Hurley if there's something wrong with his meds. Hurley says that he and Dave (he nods his head in Dave's direction) were just "talking about stuff." The doctor apologizes for interrupting, and then says hello to Dave, and the two of them speak as if they completely hate each other. And the doctor just happens to have his camera there because he's taking pictures for the bulletin board, so Hurley and Dave get right in close, Hurley putting his arm around Dave, who throws some devil horns with his hands because that's how much of a bad influence he is, and Brooks snaps the picture, and the Polaroid spits it out right away, only we won't see that Dave isn't actually in the picture, or is possibly a vampire, for a little while yet. Brooks then "casually" asks if Hurley needs some water for his pills, and Hurley says no, and tosses them back, and is CLEARLY holding his breath as the doctor leaves, like you'd think Brooks would have some experience with patients only pretending to take their meds, but he happily walks off. Dave's a little pissed, at least until Hurley sticks his tongue out, the clonazepam obligingly sticking to it, and Dave gives Hurley an admiring, "Dude!" and Hurley gives the compliment an acknowledging "dude." "The revolution has begun, man. Lay low. When the time is right, we fly." Yeah, "revolution." Dave sounds like your hippie college dormmate, for whom "revolution" meant getting high and listening to Phish bootlegs. Oh, and Hurley, you can breathe again.

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